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Published: 22/10, 2018

KINSHOFER’s D-Series Demolition and Sorting Grapples Increase Excavator Versatility

KINSHOFER’s D-Series grapples offer a new light, compact and flexible shell, ideal for sorting and demolition. The attachments feature 360-degree endless rotation for precise positioning to give construction, demolition and recycling contractors optimal control when grabbing materials. D-series grapples are available for excavators ranging from 2t to 80t. 

KINSHOFER’s patented cylinderless HPXdrive system powers the D04HPX, D06HPX, D09HPX. and D35HPX, providing constant closing force compared to competitive grapples and reduces overall cost of ownership by about 50% compared with conventional models. 

The D-Series streamlined design offers a compact footprint, ideal for working in tight areas such as urban demolition sites, while a robust Delta-box frame provides durability and reliability for demanding applications such as quarries and large-scale demolition. And regardless of conditions, the grapple’s dust-proof axle bearing points keep out dust and debris.     

To prevent overloading, the D-series is equipped with pressure relief valves as well as a perforated shell design that filters fine dust and gravel while keeping larger pieces in the shells. If an operator overworks the grapple, the innovative shells flex to avoid structural damage. The grapples also feature a non-return valve to keep the load secured even if a pressure drop occurs, ensuring safe operation.

Side plates are available for handling small-grained bulk material, such as sand and gravel. Customers can also equip the grapples with a compression rail adapter, allowing the attachment to safely handle and position curbstones and other delicate materials. 

The grapples’ exchangeable cutting edges are manufactured from 500 HB steel for exceptional longevity. The cutting edge is also reversible to further extend service life.  

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