In-House Austrian Production Leads to Top Quality Product

Published: 11/1, 2021

Consistent quality control, better control of delivery times, and expansion of production capacity were the main reasons for Rockster Austria International’s move from Ennsdorf to Neumarkt im Mühlkreis last year. The production of the R1000S impact crusher, equipped with a multitude of technical refinements, was the first hard test at the new location.

“The team, consisting of many new employees, showed tremendous commitment and willingness to integrate from the very start to collectively master this milestone in our company’s history,” says Rockster CEO Wolfgang Kormann. “And they have done it brilliantly!”

With a total weight of only 19.6t and a length of 29.5 ft (9m), the R700S is the most compact system in the Rockster portfolio, therefore the most cost-sensitive. The double-functional return and stockpile belt, first built for the R700S, has proven itself so well that it is now used on almost all other Rockster models. In the course of the new production, the control system has also been revised and the quick start function for the R700S crusher has been introduced. This enables the system to be engaged and running by pressing just two buttons on the remote control.

The new material feed monitoring system guarantees the best possible utilization of the crusher and contributes to an increase in performance of up to 25%. The overload protection in the crushing chamber also ensures safety against blockages and thus reduces downtime. The new R700S is also equipped with the latest STAGE5 engine generation from Volvo Penta with 220PS.

Thanks to a successful channeling of workflow and constant modernization of work processes, bottlenecks in the procurement of resources and in assembly have now been greatly reduced. “Our original idea of being able to control performance better, implement optimizations faster and more precisely has been very successful with the in-house production,” says Kormann. “The new production employees integrated much faster than expected thanks to the great support of our long-standing colleagues. Overall, our customers are extremely satisfied with the new Neumarkt crushers.”

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