Husqvana Launches Next-Generation Battery Power Cutter

Published: 12/10, 2021

Husqvarna’s new K1 power cutter is the first product to be launched on the company’s new PACE battery system, a product that fully supports the transition to low-carbon economy the construction industry needs. With K1 PACE customers can expect power and performance equivalent to petrol-powered cutters with all the additional benefits battery powered equipment brings to both operators and the environment. The PACE battery system can be utilized for more machines as the battery-powered family expands. In addition to the power cutters and battery system, diamond blades in 12-and 14-in (300 and 350 mm) have been optimized for battery operation. The machine is also equipped with X-Halt® brake function capable of stopping the rotation of a blade in a fraction of a second for enhanced safety.

Introduced at World of Concrete, K1 PACE offer more than a high-performance battery-powered cutter that offers zero direct emissions. The product also provides expect lower vibrations and smoother cutting, with a low weight and optimal center of gravity help reduce user strain. Additional technical data will be released later this year as K1 PACE is rolled out to different geographic markets

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