HTC Products Improve Worksite Air Quality

Published: 13/7, 2018

HTC Products Improve Worksite Air Quality

HTC has developed the Airflow™ Tool Holder to increase airflow across tools to improve diamond cutting and life. At the same time, the increased airflow creates a cyclone effect in the grinder head and enables the dust extractor to pull dust off of the floor more effectively. 

In addition, HTC’s DURATIQ floor grinders feature AirFlow™ technology, which optimizes the airflow inlet at the base of the grinder head vs. the top of the grinder head to increase the amount of dust that is pulled off the floor. This creates a newly dust-free work environment with less manual dust collection.  

Another HTC DURATIQ feature, the Mist Cooler System, keeps the tooling cool, which means improved performance and longer service life. What’s more, the mist has the added benefit of suppressing any remaining airborne dust particles. 

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