Have a blast!

Published: 10/10, 2022

A shot blaster is a valuable part of any surface preparation contractor’s equipment arsenal. Efficiently powering away debris and contaminants provides an important head start for making an aged concrete floor like new, while also taking the cleaning burden off other tools. Here are some of the many shot blaster machines available to contractors today.


BlastPro BP-9-110V is a rugged option for small jobs

The BP-9-110V from BlastPro is an affordable, highly portable, lightweight shot blaster used to prepare concrete prior to the application of paint or coatings. With a capacity of 275 ft2 (25.5 m2) per hour, it’s perfect for smaller jobs such as residential garage floors, pool decks, and small industrial floors. The BP-9-110V has a manually controlled travel speed and a 9-in (229mm) blast pattern, making it ideal for tight spaces, as well as a complimentary unit on larger jobs for cleaning edges.

The BP-9-110V strips, cleans, and profiles in one easy step, making it a cost-effective labor and time-saving cleaning system for small to medium sized jobs. Weighing only 121 lb (55kg), the machine is easy to handle and transport, with virtually dust-free operation when connected to a dust collector. A rugged 50-ft (15.2m) wear-resistant 12/3 electrical cord further enhances the BP-9-110V’s go-anywhere attributes.



Blastrac products remain available pending rebrand

In June, Husqvarna introduced the first rebranded Blastrac surface preparation products since acquiring the company in late 2020. While shot blasters are part of the next wave of new products due for release in Spring 2023, most existing products remain available under the Blastrac brand. Here are some examples:

A variety of improvements make the Blastrac 1-8DPS30 easier to operate and handle than ever before. This economical, self-propelled 8-in (203mm) shot blasting system now features drive controls on the steering handle. An EZ-adjust system for the control cage is another new feature that is operator friendly. Laser-cut components and utilization of improved manufacturing technologies along with a powder-coat finish helps assure quality construction and long life.

Powered by a 4-hp (5.4 kW) motor, the 1-8DPS30’s self-propelled operation improves productivity and promotes a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile. It consumes abrasive at less than 9 lb per hr. and strips, cleans and profiles in one easy step to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of coatings or overlays. A 35-ft (10.66) cord provides extra distance from the power source. Ideal for industrial floors, warehouses, commercial or residential garage floors, this shot blaster can prepare up to 600 ft2 (55.7 m3) per hour. The 1-8DPS30 is also perfect as a complementary unit for larger shot blasters.

For larger-sized jobs, the 1,268-lb (575kg) Blastrac 2-20DTMKII is a powerful self-propelled 20-in (550mm) shot blasting system strips, cleans and profiles concrete and asphalt, or horizontal steel surfaces in one easy step. The AC inverted drive-motor for self-propelled operation features an integrated brake which helps maintain speed on ramps and inclines. This improves productivity and promotes a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile. In fact, the 2-20DTMKII has an hourly production capacity of up to 4,850 ft2 (450m2) on concrete.

Attached to Blastrac’s BDC-99 dust collector, the 2-20DTMKII operates virtually dust-free. A slide-out screen in the shot hopper facilitates the removal of large debris. It’s perfect for industrial floors, warehouses, road and airport maintenance, and parking garages, this shot blaster is an environmentally sound choice for high productivity in surface preparation.



Meet the STREAMER S210E40R from IMPACTS

The STREAMER S210E40R from IMPACTS is a powerful, but compact and lightweight mobile machine suitable for shot blasting of small to medium areas on concrete, screed, asphalt, and some steel surfaces. The combination of a powerful wheel motor with an optimized separation system, while a variable speed drive motor makes the machine very efficient across its 8.26-in (210mm) working width. Weighing 276 lb (125 kg), the S210E40R’s 5.4 hp (4kW) blasting power produces an hourly blasting capacity of up to 861 ft2 (80 m2) on concrete. In order to achieve optimal blasting capacity and performance, IMPACTS recommends matching the STREAMER S210E40R with the DUSTCOM 3003AR-LP dust collector, a three-motor, 3,300-watt machine specially designed for hard jobs in surface preparation applications.



SPE’s 20E Super is serious business for the serious contractor

The SPE 20ES shot blaster is a large machine for the serious contractor, ideal for high productivity. With an electrically powered hydraulic drive, the machine is ideal for the preparation of both concrete floors and steel surfaces. Easily dismantled, the 1,459-lb (662kg) 20ES can conveyed through an access opening as small as 23.6-in (600 mm) wide to tackle storage tanks and other confined spaces.The 20ES has a 20-in (508mm) working width that can be reduced for line removal and weld inspection. The blast unit, constructed of manganese steel, can handle an output of 30hp (22.5kW). The machine’s dust collector is fitted with integral compressor and reverse air jet pulsation system to allow continuous working with a self-propelled variable-speed drive for complete operator control. A grille fitted into the lower separator hopper unit assembly protects the blast wheel from potential damage from foreign objects. An optional feature allows the blast wheel to be rotated in both directions.



Think big with BW Manufacturing D-1800

BW Manufacturing introduces the D-1800, the latest in state-of-the-art surface preparation technology. With a chassis weighing 4,480 lb (2,032 kg), the new model is designed for industrial floors, roads and bridge decks, parking structures, aviation jobs, and many others.

BW designed the D-1800 in response to years of contractor’s requests to solve the messy, time-consuming issue of dust removal from the machine. The hydraulic dump box gives operators the ability to dump a 55 gallons (208 kg) worth of material in seconds. The newly designed BH-18 Blasthead features the same feathered blast pattern found in BW’s 16-in (406 mm) wide BH-16 model, while delivering increased production as well as a 2-in (50.8mm) wider cleaning path. Fully replaceable inner liners increase housing life, while cushioned swivel casters allow for easy maneuvering over flat surfaces. Newly designed seals, floater plates, and shot separator system allow for increased output and decreased shot consumption. Other chassis upgrades include a planetary gear drive for greater low-end torque and faster drive speeds. Newly formatted controls and seating position give the operator a better view in front and behind machine attachments. A new tilted hood allows easier access for maintenance as well as other internal advancements to decrease service intervals and increase production.


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