GSSI Demonstrates UtilityScan® GPR System at Society (...)

Published: 17/6, 2019

GSSI Demonstrates UtilityScan® GPR System at Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting

GSSI highlighted tools for archaeologists at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 84th Annual Meeting, held recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico. GSSI displayed the UtilityScan® GPR System, the StructureScan™ Mini XT, and the Palm XT miniaturized GPR antenna for the StructureScan Mini XT.

The UtilityScan is a full-featured, easy to use, and highly portable GPR system ideal for, besides concrete sawing and drilling sitautions, also for archaeological, cemetery, and forensic work. The system provides excellent resolution, unparalleled data quality, and enhanced depth penetration. UtilityScan incorporates our patented HyperStacking technology, which provides better data in less-than-ideal soil conditions and exceptional resistance to external noise. A state-of-the-art real-time gain algorithm optimizes field data means users spend less time setting up the system and more time collecting data.

The StructureScan Mini XT is GSSI’s latest all-in-one handheld GPR system. The Mini XT is a small and powerful system, making it ideal for tight spaces, remote field locations, or other situations that are unsuitable for larger equipment. The Mini XT can reach a max depth of 24 in (610 mm) in concrete and 18 in (457 mm) in soil. The exceptional data resolution is suitable for investigating forensic targets under or within concrete, acquiring detailed GPR profiles of archaeological features or GPR-based stratigraphic recordation. The Palm XT is designed to enhance the capabilities of the Mini XT and is the smallest antenna on the market, making it the perfect tool for small excavation units or other cramped spaces.

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