Goldhofer’s New Benchmarks in Innovation on Display at Conexpo

Published: 23/3, 2023

Goldhofer will present a variety of products at it Conexpo outdoor stand D2239. Here’s a preview of what visitors will see:


STZ-VL lowboy trailer

Time is the key in the grueling everyday world of road transportation. In this context Goldhofer’s STZ-VL double drop semitrailers are a convincing choice in all respects. They are designed for fast and easy front-end loading and, in spite of their low deadweight, will reliably handle very high payloads. An additional pin-on flip axle brings greater flexibility and payload as well as the adaptability to operate across state lines with differences in heavy haul regulations.



The ultimate in flexibility for a wide range of transportation operations is the new P12 PLUS highway trailer. It offers decisive advantages for successful operations with a modern fleet. The vehicle can be adapted to handle the various loads that go with everyday heavy haul operations and thus ensures optimum fleet capacity utilization. In the 12-axle version, the P12 PLUS offers a maximum payload of up to 127 t, with a 12t axle load. It also has the flexibility to be operated in a 9- or 6-axle version. The vehicle’s universal character is underscored by an extensive range of accessories including loading decks and turntables for transporting long and heavy loads using the steerable dolly.


The latest generation ADDRIVE

The ADDRIVE 2.0 is an intelligent solution that combines the advantages of a towed heavy-duty module with those of a self-propelled module. With its enormous driving force, it can support the tractor up to a speed of 31 mph (50 kph). The drive unit then disconnects automatically and can be reconnected at lower speeds without stopping. ADDRIVE 2.0 makes it possible to switch from the supporting function for road transportation to off-road operation as a self-propelled vehicle. This means savings in terms of time and costs, and greater efficiency and flexibility for every fleet.


The FTV 850 blade carrier

The FTV 850 is designed for maximum safety and stability for wind turbine transports, building on Goldhofer’s decade of experience in this area. Narrow passages in built-up areas, forests and winding roads present no problems to this maneuverable combination. The largest blade carrier ts0o date can be used not only in the basic width of 9.8 ft (3 m) but also in split combinations with a width of up to over 13.1 ft (4 m). Depending on the configuration, the latest generation of wind turbine blades requiring a load moment of up to 850 megatons can be picked up and transported on a highly flexible basis.

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