Get a Load(er) of These

Published: 28/12, 2023

What a great time to be in the market for a new compact loader or skid steer! Manufacturers continue to roll out new products with the power that rivals their next-class cousins, yet with efficiency and productivity that keep operating costs comfortably low. The range of electric options is also expanding as well, providing benefits for both sustainability and working in close confines.

Note that while specific machines may not be available in every market, or go by different model names, the descriptions provide a helpful benchmark for comparing products and making wise purchasing decisions. So take a look…and get to work!


Kubota introduces SVL75-3 compact track loader

Kubota’s SVL75-3 replaces the popular SVL75-2 model with a wide range of performance, comfort and productivity features. It’s powered by a 74.3-hp (55.4kW) Kubota engine that provides higher maximum torque, allowing for quick and efficient work. The SVL75-3 has a rated operating capacity of 2,490 lb (1,129 kg) at 35% or 3,557 lb (1,613 kg) at 50%, an impressive 6,191 lbf (27.5 kN) of breakout force, and a hinge pin height of 122.7 in (3,117 mm). An innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve (AMV) helps ensure smooth movement of all hydraulic functions, allowing operators to run the auxiliary hydraulics, bucket, and loader arm functions at the same time with a lower risk of stalling. The Electronic Travel Torque Management System constantly monitors machine load to optimally control hydraulic pump output, reducing engine stalls for smoother operation in even the toughest conditions.

Other features include faster two-speed travel and the Advanced Auto Downshift system that automatically downshifts from high to low gear while making turns, immediately providing the maximum amount of torque needed when exiting a turn. Operators also have the ability to change their travel response sensitivity with the choice of mild, normal, and quick track response settings.

The SVL75-3 is equipped with Kubota’s new one-piece sealed cab that helps prevent dirt, dust, rain, and debris from entering the operator space while also reducing noise levels. Operators step into a wide cab entrance through a sliding front door that can be opened regardless of the position of the bucket or loader arms. Machine operation is possible with the door open. The one-piece sealed cabin can be tilted up 56.5 in (1,435 mm) without having to lift the boom, providing access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines, and hydraulic tank.


ASV’s Yanmar-powered RT-40 with dealer-serviceable engine

ASV’s repowered RT-40 Posi-Track® loader with a 38.2-hp (28kW) Yanmar engine adds more power to what was already a compact powerhouse. The increased power and convenient serviceability add to the appeal of the RT-40 as a more productive, safer option than walk-behind and stand-on loaders. The repowered RT-40 features a 48.3-in (1,227mm) width, 8.4-ft (2.56m) lift height, and a top speed of 7.1 mph (11.4 kph). The machine also boasts high tractive effort, and exceptional pushing and digging power thanks to ASV’s Posi-Power system. The RT-40’s quick-attach fits a variety of attachments and works with an optional adaptor plate for full-sized or walk-behind/stand-on loader attachments. An idler wheels full-metal-face seal package increases the ROC to 1,008 lb (457.2 kg). In addition, the loader’s compact size allows it to be conveniently towed behind a half-ton pickup truck.

The RT-40 comes standard with variable auxiliary hydraulic flow and can operate efficiently at a high auxiliary circuit flow rate. Labor-intensive belt servicing is eliminated thanks to a direct-drive pump, which, along with the machine’s large line sizes and hydraulic coolers, transfers more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to help prevent power loss.

The RT-40 is tested to operate at full load 100% of the time in ambient temperatures ranging from 40 to 118°F (-40 to 47.7°C). The machine offers a safer and more productive alternative to similar-sized walk-behind and stand-on skid-steer loaders. Its cab features rollover and falling object protection, sheltering operators from outside elements with available enclosed configurations, and eliminating the fatigue that comes with standing.

With 10.8-in (274mm) of ground clearance—higher than any walk-behind or stand-on loader, as well as many larger machines—the RT-40 can easily travel over rocks, logs, stumps, and other obstacles with less risk of getting hung up.


Mecalac launches multifunctional compact loader line for North American market

Mecalac has launched a new product line of robust compact loaders to North America. Comprised of six models—MCL2, MCL4, MCL4+, MCL6, MCL6+, and MCL8—the series presents versatility and agility. The MCL2 and 4 models have a 25-hp (18.6kW) engine, while the remaining models come with a 49-hp (36.5kW) engine. Each machine in the MCL series offers easy transportability between jobsites with low transport weight, which ranges between 3,836 and 6,283 lb (1,740 and 2,850 kg) and minimal width – ranging from 3.3 to 4.3 ft (1.0 to 1.3 m) depending on tire selection. The easy transportability appeals to contractors hauling multiple pieces of equipment as well as rental fleets handling pickup and delivery.

Mecalac’s M-Drive and speed control features—standard on the MCL6 and MCL8 models, and optional for the MCL2 and MCL4 models—allow the loader to function as a tool carrier, providing control of rpm by hand throttle and speed via a foot pedal. This enables more precise and controlled operation of a wide variety of hydraulic attachments.

Each model in the MCL series has an option for auxiliary hydraulic lines on the boom and at the rear of the machine, as well as 12V 3-pole plugs. This feature further enhances versatility by allowing the ability to use hydraulic attachments on either end of the machine. The series maximizes attachment possibilities with 7.9 gpm (30 lpm) flow on the MCL2 and MCL4 models and 15.9 gpm (60.2 lpm) flow on the MCL6 and MCL8 models. The MCL4+ and MCL6+ models come standard with a short boom, which offers a better tipping load, whereas the other four models come with a long boom that maximizes tipping height. Long or short boom, the MCL series machines yield multi-functionality through compatibility with a wide range of attachments. The optimum height-to-width-to-length ratio ensures agility on any jobsite. Each machine has a 45-degree articulation that keeps the front wheels traveling in the same path as the rear wheels while driving. A 10-degree oscillation allows a strong follow-up and maximum traction wherever the machine might travel, including on uneven ground.


Also from Mecalac, theAX1000 offers stability, intuitive operation, and heavy-duty performance

Mecalac’s AX1000 articulated loader combines heavy-duty performance with self-stabilizing maneuverability and a sleek design, plus a monoboom that provides greater boom rigidity and strength, resisting the twisting that can occur with the traditional two-arm setup. Combining large, tinted windows with the unique monoboom design, the AX1000 eliminates the two loader arms obstructing the operator’s view and allows clear visibility to the left and right in addition to straight ahead. Along with enhanced safety, the added visibility boosts productivity.

The AX1000 also offers greater stability because the machine’s pivot joint is offset at a positive angle. As the machine articulates, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear, so it can re-level itself, greatly reducing the risk of the machine toppling over.

The AX1000 has a standard bucket volume of 1.3 yd3 (1 m3), a 75-hp (56kW) engine, and a lift capacity of 9,038 lb (4,100 kg). Further, the AX1000 maintains lifting power from the ground to its highest point whereas other articulated loaders reach maximum lift capacity midway through the cycle. Mecalac also updated the AX 1000’s interior features to deliver an enhanced riding experience. The ergonomically laid-out pilot controls condense multiple functions from the auxiliary hydraulics into one joystick. The cabin includes a multi-position comfort seat, glove box with ample storage space and a powerful three-stage ventilation and heating system.


Yanmar introduces first compact track loader

Yanmar Compact Equipment’s TL100VS is the first machine in the company’s compact track loader line. It features a Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine; a torsion axle suspended undercarriage with a pivot link system at the rear axle and large line sizes. Features range from error detection and notification to real-time operational status updates and daily work reports. Bar-tread tracks offer ride quality and vibration resistance, and increase traction in extreme conditions. Yanmar also launched the construction-grade TL65RS, TL75VS, and TL80VS machine.


Manitou/GEHL updates compact loader lineup

Manitou/GEHL used Conexpo 2023 to launch three all new “V Series” compact skid steer loaders and three “VT Series” compact track loaders. These new models have a capacity of 2,100 to 2,750 lb (953 to 1,247 kg). Breakout force is now 12% higher on average, compared with the previous range, while the tank capacity is increased by 14%, allowing users to enjoy greater productivity.

All models are vertical lift and feature a new lift arm design, as well as keyless start requiring only code activation, LED lighting, and a patented Pilot joystick system adjacent to the operator’s seat. Numerous innovations also facilitate maintenance with a lifting cab and centralized maintenance points. For added comfort, the track loader range is equipped as standard with the patented IdealTrax system, ensuring automatic track tensioning and extending the life of the tracks. Numerous options (additional LEDs on the sides, high hydraulic flow, rear camera, etc.) are also available to meet the requirements of each user. The operator’s station has been redesigned with an improved version of Manitou/GEHL patented folding door, as well as a new window and roof design for better sightlines.


Bobcat unleashes its most powerful compact wheel loader

Bobcat’s new L95 is the company’s largest and most powerful compact wheel loader. The L95 provides exceptional material-handling capabilities with large bucket capacity, high lift height, swift travel speeds, and maneuverability to accomplish more.

With a standard bucket capacity of 1.2 yd3 (.9 m3) and 10.5 ft (3.2m) of lift height, the L95 excels at material handling and other jobs that require high maneuverability. Its electronic hydrostatic transmission delivers easy direction changes, efficient acceleration, and effortless speed control that helps operators tackle tough tasks on jobsites. A powerful combination of transmission and horsepower management automatically adjusts the loader’s drive system to maximize pushing and loading power.?

Standard features on the L95 include flex drive, automatic ride control, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, and an advanced attachment control mode. The advanced Tier 4, turbocharged engine delivers high-torque performance and excellent efficiency, while achieving emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction (SCR). Operators will also appreciate the engine’s reliable, cold-weather starting and a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient. Bobcat compact wheel loaders come standard with the Power Bob-Tach System, allowing operators to share buckets, forks, angle brooms, snow pushers, grapples, snow blowers, augers, and other compatible attachments with other Bobcat equipment for even greater versatility.


Also from Bobcat, a preview of the world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader

At Conexpo 2023, Bobcat unveiled the S7X, a prototype for the world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader prototype.?Like the T7X, the S7X is powered by a 60.5-kWh lithium-ion battery, features electric drive motors and utilizes ball screw actuators for lift and tilt functions.?Together, the battery and electrical powertrain generate incredible performance characteristics, with instantaneous torque that is as much as three times greater than traditional loaders. The S7X balances sustainability and performance with zero emissions and is equipped to outperform its diesel-powered equivalent, all while offering operators a smooth and comfortable experience with minimal vibration and nearly silent operation. The machine can operate for up to eight hours on a single charge depending on the application, giving most operators more than a full day’s work when breaks and downtime are considered. A full charge takes approximately ten hoursTo bring the S7X to life, Bobcat partnered with Moog, Inc., a worldwide developer of motion control components and systems for industries ranging from aerospace and defense to construction. Bobcat also collaborated with Moog through its work on the T7X. Bobcat has yet to announce when and where the S7X will be made available.


Wacker Neuson’s new compact track loader promotes exceptional visibility and productivity

Though the smallest model Wacker Neuson’s lineup of compact track loaders, the new ST27 is an excellent pound-for-pound fighter in the compact medium frame size class. Weighing in at only 7,350 lb (3,334 kg), this machine is easily towable and with a rated operating capacity of 1,890 lb (857.3 kg) at 35%. Combine the ideal operating weight with a 74-hp (55.2kW) Kohler KDI 2504 turbocharged engine, and the ST27 offers an attractive power-to-weight ratio. The compact design, measuring 60-in (1,524mm) wide and under 80 in (2,032 mm) in height, makes it the perfect fit for working in tight spaces with low overhead clearance. The design also offers a reach at dump height of 36.5 in (927 mm), making it is easier to dump material into the center of a dump box while also keeping the loader farther away from the vehicle or trailer being loaded. The vertical lift, ST27 offers a hinge pin height of 120 in (3,048 mm) and dump height of 94.3 in (2,395 mm).

Enhancing the driving experience is a standard auto-shifting two-speed drive system that can be active or disabled based on the application. The system automatically senses the operators need to shift. The auto feature engages in and out of the two speeds based on joystick input, and eliminates the need for the operator to make manual shifts.

The vertical loader arm linkage is designed to maximize visibility to the rear. The shape of the rear linkage aligns with the cab posts in the operator’s line of site in order to minimize visual obstructions, creating a better view to the rear. Additionally, the dedicated track frame design allows for a lower profile loader arm orientation, vastly improving side visibility. The ST27’s cab fully tips forward with the loader arms down, providing complete access to all maintenance components. The machine is engineered to be user-friendly with a simple, open design and efficient layout that requires less time on daily service checks and more time on the job.


John Deere expands P-Tier compact wheel loader lineup

John Deere has expanded its Performance Tiering offerings with the shift from L-Series to P-Tier for the 244, 324, and 344 compact wheel loader models. The new P-Tier compact wheel loaders will carry over all L-Series features while also introducing new productivity-enhancing qualities as standard features.

Ride control, previously an optional upgrade on L-Series models, is now standard on all P-Tier compact wheel loaders. Ideal for customers moving materials over long distances, or on hard surfaces, ride control cushions boom movements during transport, acting like a shock absorber to help minimize material spillage. This feature is applied with a flip of a switch in the cab, and can be set to automatically engage and disengage at a predetermined speed.

In addition, P-Tier compact wheel loaders feature Articulation Plus™, which enables rear-wheel steering to increase full-turn tipping load and improve maneuverability. This steering system combines 30 degrees of standard articulation with an additional 10 degrees of rear-wheel steering. Designed to provide increased ease of use for operators when utilizing attachments, the upgraded combined creep control and throttle lock found within the attachment assist controls package allows users to run their machines with higher rpm and lower ground speeds with overall fewer manual inputs. An enhanced pause and resume function means that reactivating the feature after a change in direction or switch to neutral is seamless as well.

An additional feature now offered on P-Tier compact wheel loaders is an optional auto-reversing fan, which is an easy-to-use solution for customers operating on sites with an abundance of debris or dust. Additional options include attachment assist controls, which include integrated three-pin electrical controls for attachments and combined creep control and throttle lock.


Case’s new mini track loader brings more maneuverability and muscle to small jobs

With an operating capacity of 1,000 lbs (454kg) and a super compact profile that can easily maneuver through yard gates, tree groves and other tight areas, the new TL100 mini track loader gives contractors a powerful, cost-effective option for upleveling productivity on small jobs. The 24-hp (17.7kW) machine also features a 14-pin electrical connector and a common industry interface (CII) for maximum attachment flexibility and performance. With more than 40 attachment options available, the TL100 can handle the work of multiple laborers on jobs like digging, earth moving, setting fence posts, grappling brush, and grading.

The CASE TL100 comes with a lower cost of ownership than the typical machine, and thanks to its compact size, this stand-on machine is easy to transport from site to site, easy to get on and off, and causes minimal disruption to the ground. And the construction-grade build brings a new level of toughness and power to subcompact equipment, empowering crews to work more efficiently than ever with less manual work.


Meet the new line of small articulated loaders from CASE

Case’s small articulated loaders are some of the most versatile machines on the market The six-model line features power ranges from 24 to 74 hp (17.7 to 44.4 kW), operating capacity from 1,500 lb to more than 3,000 lb (680 kg to more than 1,360 kg), options for diesel or fully electric, and a full range of more than 110 powerful attachments.

Several of the small articulated loaders, including the SL12TR model releasing this fall, feature a telescopic arm to provide an extra-long reach for loading trucks or moving material into tough-to-reach places. And where lifting capacity is a priority, Case will offer more rugged models with traditional Z-bar loader linkage that can handle heavier loads.

In 2024, Case will launch the all-electric SL22EV that delivers the same power as its diesel counterparts and can be fully charged in one hour. This electrified machine provides a low noise, zero-emissions solution for getting work done in a broader range of environments, whether it’s indoor work where air quality is paramount or a close-quarter residential neighborhood where contractors need to keep noise levels down.


New Holland debuts small articulated loaders

New Holland Construction’s new five-model line of small articulated loaders increases operator productivity with impressive lifting capacity, and tipping load features. The ML12 showcases a lifting capacity of 2,425 lb (1,100 kg) tipping load capacity of 2,205 lb (1,000 kg), and lifting height of 85.4 in (2,169 mm). With a narrow width of 36.2 in (919 mm), the 25-hp (18.6kg) ML12 also features an electro-hydraulic controlled differential, hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, standard lift path, and a common instrument interface (CII) mechanical attachment coupler. With the same horsepower and width as the ML12, the ML12T excels with its telescopic reach arm loader and lifting height of 111 in (2,819 mm). This extended lift allows operators to load and unload materials from large trucks, while the extended reach provides more flexibility in dumping, leveling and grading tasks. Multiple tipping load paths of up to 1,650 lb (748 kg), depending on loader position and 2,646-lb (1,200 kg) operating weight works well in light construction scenarios such as moving light debris and pallets.

Displaying a 3,086-lb (1,400kg) lifting capacity and 3,307-lb (1,500 kg) tipping load, the ML15 can carry heavier materials, including steel, lumber, and concrete items. The 26-hp (19.3kW) engine and 3,472-lb (1,575 kg) operating weight support a cab that features a safety entry bar, non-suspension vinyl seat, armrests, and exterior mirror features to create a comfortable driving experience. The ML22X model is New Holland Construction’s first electric-powered small articulated loader. When fully charged, the 24.9-kW lithium-ion battery powers the machine for up to six hours, depending on the task. Multiple charging options are available to meet the various needs of operators. The on-board charger fully charges the battery from 0 to 100% in approximately 8.7 hours, while the fast-charge connector provides a full charge in less than two hours. The lifting capacity of 4,850 lb (2,200 kg), tipping load of 4,528 lb (2,054 kg), and lifting height of 96.5 in (2,451 mm) ensures smooth and strong loading, moving and hauling capabilities for the operator. Finally, the ML23 showcases a 96.5-in (2,451 mm) lifting height, 4,982-lb (2,260kg) tipping load, a 4,850-lb (2,200kg) lifting capacity, and 26 hp (19.3 kW) at 2,300 rpm. The easy transportation and loading of the ML23 makes it a go-to machine for contractors that move from job to job quickly.


Cat’s new 255 and 265 compact track loaders increase lift height, tilt, and lift breakout forces

The all-new, next-generation Cat® 255 and 265 compact track loaders feature new 74.3-hp (55.4kW) engines that maintain horsepower across a wider rpm range and boast significant torque increases – gains of 13% for the 255 and 43% for the 265. A redesigned engine compartment mounts the engine and cooling package lower into the frame for improved stability, giving the operator confidence in handling heavy loads and throughout all aspects of the work cycles.

Compared with the Cat 259D3 model, the new 255 loader delivers 36% more tilt breakout, 26% higher lift breakout force, and a 24% increase in rated operating capacity. Height to the B-pin for the 265, compared to the 289D3, increases by 7.6 in (193 mm), resulting in a maximum lift height of 11 ft (3.35 m) for easier truck loading. The 265 also delivers 19% higher tilt breakout force and 22% higher lift breakout force. The closed-center auxiliary hydraulic system allows the 255 and 265 to operate all Cat Smart Attachments, including the Cat Smart Dozer Blade, with the standard auxiliary hydraulics provided.

Reengineering of lower machine components results in a stronger and stiffer undercarriage for improved machine stability and less pitching when filling the bucket with material. Its torsion suspension undercarriage delivers better operator comfort, track wear, and material retention, while the stiffer design results in smoother graded surfaces.

Both the Cat 255 and 265 compact track loaders feature a larger cab design with 22% more overall volume and 26% additional foot space. A range of new mechanical and air-ride suspension seat options are available, including a high-comfort seat that is both ventilated and heated. New auto temperature control plus vent outlet positioning above the operator helps the new HVAC system quickly cool the cab’s interior.

Featuring a low entry point, entering and exiting the 255 and 265 loaders is much easier. The operator can open the cab door without the lift arms being fully lowered to the frame stops. Visibility is improved via the lower engine mounting, a 59% larger rear window and bigger top window that provides a 15% increase in viewable area.


Technical specifications

255 265

Gross power (hp/kW) 74.3/55.4 74.3/55.4

Engine torque (lbf/Nm) 221/300 280/380

Operating weight (lb/kg) 9,628/4,367 10,492/4,759

Rated operating capacity @35% (lb/kg 2,499/1,134 2,822/1,280

Hydraulic pressure-standard (psi/kPa) 3,500/24,130 3,500/24,130

Hydraulic flow-standard (gpm/lpm)

23/86 23/86


Yanmar’s new V7 compact wheel loader features premium capabilities and speed

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces the all-new 47.6-hp (35-kW) V7 compact wheel loader to the North American market. The 9,370-lb (4,250-kg) machine fills the gap in the Yanmar wheel loader line between the V4-7 and the V8 and features a low operating weight, comfortable cab area and high bucket capacity. Its compact design, intuitive controls and high travel speeds maximize performance and efficiency for operators in landscaping, rental, municipalities, snow removal and other applications.

The V7 features a 0.92 yd3 (0.7 m3) bucket capacity, with optional light material bucket brings that bucket capacity to more than a full cubic yard. The compact wheel loader also includes a powerful Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine allowing for a lifting capacity of 7,981 lbf (35.5 kN). In addition, the V7 features approximately 40 degrees of articulation and includes a newly designed articulation oscillation joint allowing oscillation in the center of the wheel loader instead of the rear. This maximizes ground contact with all four wheels for optimal tractive force. Ergonomic joystick controls simplify machine operation. Creep mode allows for precise attachment control while Automatic Ride Control with Limited Slip Differential improves convenience and efficiency. Operators can easily access relevant machine information and options via a color display. Bright LED lights improve work area visibility while optimizing power consumption. Hydraulic quick couplers allow fast attachment change-out. Contractors can lift loads without the need for constant readjustment of the load angle thanks to the V7’s parallel kinematics which keeps material level as its raised and lowered

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