Published: 11/1, 2021

Having something to look forward too has long been a strategy for coping with difficult times. And after a year like 2020, we all could use something sure to bring a bit of joy in the coming months.

Here’s a suggestion: plan a new equipment purchase to prepare your business for what we all hope are better business days to come. Compact loaders and skid steers are a perfect place to start. Highly mobile, built to last, and suitable for any type of worksite, these versatile machines are an invaluable part of every contractor’s equipment inventory. What’s more, there’s a product for every need and every budget.


Kubota compact loaders and skid steers

In fact, the first quarter of the new year will see a new addition to Kubota’s compact track loader line—the SVL97-2, which features improved durability and reliability with an updated diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) system, in-cab technology, and enhanced operator comfort. The track loader will have an operating weight of 11,600 lb (5,261kg), and a rated operating capacity of 3,200 lb (1,451kg).

Kubota’s skid steer loaders include the SSV65 and SSV75. With standard two-speed travel and optional high-flow hydraulics, Kubota’s skid steers will meet the needs of construction, rental and agriculture customers. The rated operating capacity is 884kg and 1,220kg, respectively, for the SSV65 and SSV75. Both models feature a unique, slide-up, front-entry door that rises overhead, a side light for better visibility and safe night operation, and a spacious cabin with climate control. An optional multi-function lever is available, allowing for fingertip control of major machine and implement functions.

Kubota’s skid steer loaders include the SSV65 and SSV75. With standard two-speed travel and optional high-flow hydraulics, Kubota’s skid steers will meet the needs of construction, rental and agriculture customers. The rated operating capacity is 1,950 lb (884kg) and 2,690 lb (1,220kg), respectively, for the SSV65 and SSV75. Both models feature a unique, slide-up, front-entry door that rises overhead, a side light for better visibility and safe night operation, and a spacious cabin with climate control. An optional multi-function lever is available, allowing for fingertip control of major machine and implement functions.


Bobcat’s MT100 mini track loader

Powered by a dependable, durable Tier 4 diesel engine and efficient hydraulic system, the new mini track loader delivers fast cycle times, strong breakout force and excellent pushing ability. The MT100 has a rated operating capacity of 1,000 lb (454kg) and comes standard with removable counterweights, which can be mounted in the undercarriage or at the rear of the machine on the uprights, to increase lifting performance.

At just 36 in (914mm) wide with standard narrow tracks, (41 in [1,041mm] with optional wide tracks), the new MT100 mini track loader offers an ideal combination of an easy-to-use machine in a less-intimidating size. The exclusive Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system makes it simple to put a wide assortment of Bobcat attachments on the machine. The Bob-Tach system uses an over-center latch mechanism and wear-compensating pins to make proper attachment-to-carrier fitment a given from the first exchange to the last.

MT100 also has a completely new, more durable undercarriage that requires no daily maintenance. Permanently sealed and constantly bathed in oil for permanent lubrication, the rollers and their idlers feature heat-treated surfaces to minimize the wear and tear of typical use and further extend the life of the track system.

Operators will experience enhanced comfort and confidence operating the MT100 mini track loader thanks to ergonomic ISO joystick controls and enhanced performance features, including optimized roller spacing on the track system which improves overall ride quality. Plus, an integrated ride-on platform gives operators a wider view to the sides, as well as to the bucket cutting edge or attachment.


Also from Bobcat, new 60-frame size loader models

Bobcat’s new R-Series T62 compact track loader and S62 skid-steer loader offer a redesigned 2.4-liter Tier 4 Bobcat engine with an inline design and durable direct-drive system that ensures high performance in a compact machine profile. Bobcat engines feature a robust combustion chamber that handles more pressure and produces more usable horsepower and torque than ever before, meaning better performance for pushing, digging, lifting and operating attachments.

The R-Series cooling system is completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime. Key improvements include a larger, higher-capacity radiator; fan size that has increased by approximately 50%, which achieves more cooling at a slower rotation; and a tailgate with heavy-duty steel louvers allowing for optimal airflow while still providing defense against jobsite debris.

R-Series loaders are equipped with new, stronger cast-steel lift arm sections, and powerful hydraulics to improve lifting capabilities. The R-Series lift arms are stronger in key areas, yet offer a slimmer profile to ensure optimal performance and increased visibility. The new roomier one-piece, sealed and pressurized cab design repels dust and dirt in the cab, isolates the operator from engine and hydraulic noise, and enhances the efficiency of heating and air conditioning. When it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the entire R-Series cab lifts out of the way to provide improved service access – with hardware on the cab exterior for easy removal.


ASV MAX-Series loaders with next-generation cab

ASV’s MAX-Series loaders give operators a premium operator experience with a new, next-generation cab featuring the industry’s best 360-degree visibility, a more spacious operator area, a fully adjustable seat, a new state of the art touch-screen display and more. Operators can work longer days in comfort with the MAX-Series’ new fully suspended seat, featuring adjustable recline, slide, weight, and four-way arm rest settings. A new one-sided lap bar frees space around the operator’s waist and also makes entry and exit easier. Along with extra shoulder and leg room, the cab also features a new level of operator experience thanks to available Bluetooth radio, improved speakers and speaker placement, and a new antenna placement for a better signal.

ASV built the new cab with a number of features to ensure long-term reliability. New wiring harnesses and fuse panels are fully sealed, watertight, and installed with a design that further protects the electronics. Operators can also choose to include a factory-installed full rear brush guard, as well as a heavy-gauge, falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 2 cab, a feature previously only on the RT-120 Forestry model.

The Posi-Track loaders feature leading hydraulic and cooling efficiencies. Drive motors transfer torque to the patented internal-drive sprockets and internal rollers reduce friction loss in the undercarriage, allowing for maximum performance. In addition, all machines include large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps — rather than belt-driven pumps — transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and preventing power loss. ASV’s advanced cooling system helps contractors operate MAX-Series machines at 100% load, 100% of the time in ambient temperatures up to 118° F (48° C).


John Deere grade control technology now available for 333G compact track loader

SmartGradeTM, John Deere’s proprietary grade control technology has been integrated into the 333G compact track loader. The feature expands users’ capabilities site development, roadbuilding, landscaping, residential and commercial building operations by enabling them to take on new tasks and larger jobs that require accuracy.

The SmartGrade 333G increases productivity by helping to automatically complete grading tasks faster with fewer passes and less rework. Moreover, operators can reap the benefits of using a versatile, more transportable piece of equipment where the grade control system is fully integrated into the machine’s structures and software, delivering precise grading performance while eliminating vulnerable masts and cables.

Operators will also benefit from the launch of DozerMode, a breakthrough control solution that enables the EH joystick control system to function like a crawler dozer — with the push of a button.

DozerMode is beneficial when operating the machine-equipped, John Deere-designed and -built, six-way dozer blade attachment that can both cut a grade and spread materials, streamlining attachment needs and setup time. The blade is fine-tuned to meet the performance needs of a compact track loader and does not require tools to change between other attachments. It also enhances the versatility of the machine by accurately and automatically cutting or finishing light materials in tight spaces. In conjunction with SmartGrade technology, the blade reduces the amount of operator input, ultimately lowering operator fatigue.


John Deere also debuts rubber tracks for compact track loaders

John Deere’ improved rubber tracks feature improvements to the construction and design, boosting performance and durability even when navigating challenging terrain and conditions. The new arched roller path helps to shed debris and improve roller path life. Additionally, updated steel cords reduce bending stress, while enhancements to the metal core adhesive process further improve durability.

In addition to the design updates, the rubber tracks warranty on new machines and service parts has been significantly improved. Starting December 2020, the new warranty, available for John Deere compact track loaders and compact excavators, will be applicable for 18 months or 1,500 hours, whichever comes first, and will be based on material defects and workmanship. With the improved parts warranty, John Deere reaffirms its commitment to providing durable and reliable equipment solutions for its customers.


Mecalac offers AS900tele for optimized logistics

Mecalac’s AS900tele combines the compactness and mobility of the company’s revolutionary AS Swing Loader Series with telescopic technology to provide game-changing versatility on the jobsite. The 22.2 gpm (84 lpm) auxiliary hydraulics further increase flexibility, allowing use with a range of attachments, including mowers, road sweepers and earth augers. Functioning as a loader, telehandler or landscaping tool, the AS900tele reduces the need for additional equipment and optimizes jobsite logistics.

Like all AS Series units, the 8-ton (7,250kg) AS900tele features Mecalac’s innovative swing design. Operators can swivel the fully loaded bucket 90 degrees on either side, transforming space management and allowing for a radical new approach to tasks. With the rotated bucket, filling trenches or carrying pipes requires minimum operating space. On a road project, this rotation limits necessary space, requiring only a single lane closure rather than the two-lane closure needed for traditional loaders. For a congested urban jobsite, this flexibility allows for optimal equipment positioning in confined spaces.

Additionally, the unit’s telescoping capabilities pair reach with power for unparalleled flexibility. With a lifting height of 15.5 ft (4.72m) and outreach of 11.5 ft (3.5m), the AS900tele allows operators to minimize repositioning while maximizing reach. The AS900tele has a carrying capacity of 5,004 lb (2,270 kg) at full extension, providing ample power for applications such as loading walking floor trailers or waste handling. Paired with a range of attachments — including pallet forks, buckets, brushes, snowplows and hedge trimmers — the telescoping allows the unit to replace traditional backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and telehandlers.

The AS900tele features three steering options — 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab—allowing operators to simultaneously drive, pivot and maneuver, regardless of ground conditions. Combined with the swivel arm, it results in a 20% smaller turning radius compared to traditional wheel loaders and increases productivity and safety for a range of common tasks like loading a trailer and material handling as well as municipal jobs like mowing, snow handling and pruning trees. By avoiding unnecessary movements and maximizing the use of available space, the AS900tele can increase productivity with less noise, maintenance, and environmental impacts.

Even with the wide range of motion, the AS900tele offers increased stability over traditional articulated loaders and telehandlers. A well-balanced design and automatically locking rear axle allow operators to safely maneuver in all positions and on all terrains.


Mecalac’s updated MCR Series compact skid-excavators maximize efficiency

Comprised of three models, the 6MCR, 8MCR and 10MCR, Mecalac’s line of compact skid excavators offers superior speed, productivity and compact operation over traditional mini-excavators. The machines provide the swiftness of a skid steer with the 360-degree rotation of an excavator for versatility and travel speeds two times faster than any small excavator. A compact footprint brings Mecalac’s signature end-user-focused design to new applications and industries for increased safety, sustainability and efficiency.

The new MCR Series features a hydrostatic transmission and drive motors strong enough to take on any job. A dedicated pump drives the motor, allowing for twice the speed of any traditional mini excavator on the market. Each of the three machines is capable of travel speeds up to 6.2 mph (10 kph). This significantly reduces time spent traveling across jobsites, resulting in faster cycle times and less unnecessary downtime.

On the jobsite, the MCRs’ groundbreaking versatility increases productivity and reduces congestion. This is due in part to the company’s patented quick coupler, CONNECT. The advanced system allows operators to quickly transition between attachments — such as pallet forks or digging buckets — without leaving the cab, decreasing downtime between tasks and increasing overall productivity. Additionally, once the pins are engaged, CONNECT guarantees zero risk of dropping a bucket.

Using a range of attachments, contractors can easily do the job of several machines with a single unit, freeing up resources and space without sacrificing efficiency. With a skid bucket attachment, contractors can move up to .98 yd3 (.75 m3) of material at top speed or rest the bucket against the blade for applications such as grading and ground leveling. This innovative feature stabilizes the bucket, distributing the forces to the frame of the machine and reducing stress on the boom, prolonging component life.


Mecalac’s Speed-Control system for skid excavators

Mecalac’s innovative speed control travel speed management system is standard on all the manufacturer’s crawler skid excavator models. By setting a maximum travel speed from 20 available speed options, operators can focus on the task at hand for increased safety and productivity. Speed control increases versatility for the 6MCR, 8MCR, and 10MCR machines, making it easy to move across the jobsite at speeds up to 6.2 mph (10kph) or maintain very low speeds for applications such as mowing or snow removal.

When combined with the flexibility from a range of attachments (e.g., mowers, mulchers, sweepers, snow blowers), Speed Control increases productivity and jobsite efficiency. Mecalac’s patented quick coupler, CONNECT, another advanced feature standard on the MCR series, further increases speed and ease of use by allowing operator to switch between attachments without leaving the cab for greater efficiency in a variety of tasks.

MCR units also feature Mecalac’s innovative three-part arm and a 360-degree rotating ability for an extended range of movement and game-changing compactness. Operators can do more from a single position or within confined spaces with increased flexibility and reach while minimizing unnecessary movement. The three-part arm can also be tucked in, allowing for extra compactness and mobility without overbalancing the unit in the front — resulting in a true zero-turn radius. In addition, the boom system gives the MCR unprecedented lifting capacities — pound for pound, exceeding anything else on the market.



Caterpillar’s 963 track loader pairs ultimate versatility with fuel and productivity

The new Cat 963 Track Loader combines versatility with up to 10% better fuel efficiency. Replacing Cat’s 963K model, the 202 hp (151kW) 963 track loader has operating weight of 44,881 lbs (20 358kg), and is easy to operate from an updated cab with suspension seat and adjustable armrests/controls. An intuitive 10-in (254 mm) touchscreen dash display features a standard HD rearview camera. Slope Indicate helps make operation easier by showing machine mainfall and cross-slope right on the display. The joystick option provides familiar controls for operators experienced with skid steers/compact track loaders. Or choose the more traditional V-lever/foot pedal controls. With either control scheme, operators can set implement response – fine, normal, coarse – to match operator preference or application. Smoother implement and steering response, and improved steering performance provide more controllability. The 963 is powered by a Cat C7.1 engine that produces 15% more peak torque than the previous model for more power to the ground under load. Up to 10% fuel consumption reduction is achieved with the Auto Mode that will adapt the engine speed to the load. Eco Mode will use even lower speed for further reduction in fuel consumption in lighter duty applications. Power Mode will keep engine speed high to feel readily available power at all times.

An optional Performance Series bucket boosts productivity up to 20%. An optional Fusion™ Quick Coupler enables fast attachment changes. A variety of buckets, forks and other tools can be shared among track loaders, wheel loaders and other Fusion compatible machines.


New Cat Durilock shroud system for underground loader buckets

Caterpillar has developed the new Durilock™ Lip Shroud System for underground loader buckets. The fully integrated bucket system features hammerless installation and maintenance-free retention of ground engaging tools (GET) with Cat® Infinitite™ elastomer compression retainers. Three interchangeable shroud styles enable a mining operation to quickly remove one type and replace with the type that is best suited to the loader application—without changing the base edge or retention system.

The Durilock system delivers 50% faster installation and removal of GET compared to legacy, mechanically attached systems, and, because there is no need to re-torque bolts periodically, maintenance time for GET is reduced by more than 50%. Additionally, integral corner guards extend bucket in-service time by about 30%.

The Durilock Shroud System is available for Cat R1700 to R3000 loaders, and most buckets of 6.5- to 13 yd3 (5- to 10m3) capacity. The Cat Infinitite retention design provides superior retention reliability without time spent performing re-torque procedures. The elastomer compression retainer installs in seconds to allow fast installation and removal. There is no complex hardware to fail, handle, or tighten.

The Durilock system offers three different shroud styles to enable matching the GET to the application and conditions in the mine. The D50S Standard is a traditional wedge shape used in most production and development applications. The D50A Abrasion has a contoured design and repositions more material on the shroud base, and the D50P Penetration has less leading-edge material to deliver easier penetration in dense material.

The lip assembly provides the mounting surfaces for the shrouds and corner protectors, which balance corner and center station wear rates. Cast corners are welded to the base edge assembly to create the lip assembly. The corners incorporate a stepped design that eliminates corner shroud torsional loads and delivers superior reliability. The integral corner design boosts corner life by 15% and improves penetration as compared to systems that experience corner erosion and shortened bucket life due to corner rounding.


New Holland launches new 300 Series skid steer and compact track loaders

The advanced technology in New Holland’s new 300 Series includes the Super Boom® vertical lift linkage, a new 8-in (203mm) multifunction LCD display with reverse camera, straight-line tracking improvements, fully upgraded electrical harness and much more. The 300 Series will be offered in 11 new models in radial lift or Super Boom vertical lift. These models range from 60 to 90 hp (45 to 67kW), rated operating capacity from 1,600 to 4,500 lbs (726 to 2,041kg), and dump reach from 18.5 to 35.5 in (470 to 902mm). With greater dump height and reach, customers have more visibility and ease loading high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. The Super Boom vertical lift linkage offers outstanding visibility and height, and a see-through area on top of the cab gives a clear view to the bucket, even at full height. The simple operator interface brings new features like maintenance tracking, engine protection and ignition time-out to ensure maximum uptime. The multifunction display conveniently shows engine data, performance information, RPM, fuel level, battery voltage, oil and engine temperatures, and trip screen. Along with the easy-to-navigate features, the display offers simple electro-hydraulic control settings and is customizable to the operator’s needs.

For regular service or maintenance, the 300 Series offers the easiest access to the engine. The cab can be tilted forward for access to components and easy cab cleanout, and the all-new wiring harness will minimize downtime from troublesome electrical issues. The low-profile durable track undercarriage improves durability and helps reduce noise. The long wheel-based skid steers and steel-embedded track compact track loaders offer the customer a smooth ride and excellent stability. The center of gravity and weight distribution is designed for optimal traction and control during lift and carry tasks. Models built with electro-hydraulic controls feature multiple speed and sensitivity settings, including the new creep mode and automatic straight-line tracking. Creep mode, a slow-speed option, gives the operator greater control for slow-speed operations such as trenching with speed thresholds of one to 100 increments. Automatic straight-line tracking improves productivity and precision when working with a trencher or cold planer.


A new 300 series excavator from Takeuchi

The TB370 compact hydraulic excavator is the first in Takeuchi’s 300 series compact excavator line. The 6-7t class machine is powered by a 56.8 hp (44kW) Kubota V2607-CR-TE5B turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 157 lbf (213Nm) of torque. The TB370 also features a load-sensing hydraulic system that provides over 31 gpm (117 lpm) of auxiliary hydraulic flow making it an extremely versatile, powerful, and efficient machine. As the first model in the 300 series line-up, the TB370 has a wide range of state-of-the-art features that include an 8-in (203mm) touch screen multi-function color monitor with integrated air conditioner and radio functions. The automotive styled interior is completely redesigned and spacious enabling the operator to remain comfortable throughout the work day. An intuitive jog dial and switch panel gives the operator complete control of machine functions and features. For greater versatility the TB370 will include first, second, and third auxiliary circuits that will allow the operator to run a wide range of attachments. The additional third circuit gives the operator the option of adding a hydraulic pin grabber coupler to simplify and improve attachment interchangeability.


Kubota enters stand-on track loader market with SCL1000

Those who made it to Conexpo before pandemic lockdowns began were treated to the debut of Kubota’s SCL1000, anew stand-on track loader with wide tracks, narrow body, and a rated operating capacity of 1,000 lb (454kg). The SCL1000 features a wide 9.8-in (249mm) track that comes standard on the overall narrow, 36-in (914mm) machine. The integrated track design is engineered for durability with the undercarriage welded to the mainframe of the body. The grease track tension design includes sealed oil bath rollers for less maintenance and greater durability. The wide track design, with a rating of 4.0 psi, is low impact and minimizes damage to grass and landscaping. Kubota’s SCL1000 boasts a powerful 24.8 hp (18.5kW) turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine with quiet operation, high altitude performance, and no diesel particulate filter requirement. A hydraulic pump directly connected to the engine reduces maintenance. The loader arms reach high and far with a hinge pin height of 84.7 in (2.1m) and a reach of 25.9 in (658mm) at a 45-degree dump angle. The SCL1000 has a best-in-class travel speed of 5.1 mph (8.2kph). Kubota’s SCL1000 is engineered with cushioned loader boom cylinders and an adjustable platform suspension system that increase operator comfort for maximum productivity. The loader comes standard with a keyless start with passcode protection, 12V charging port and a 4.3-in (109mm) LCD color dash monitor that provides easy-to-read consolidated machine monitoring.


Kanga’s remote-controlled loader works hard where no one wants to go

The remote-controlled TR825 multi-task mini skid steer provides an ergonomic, safer, more efficient working alternative, with advanced safety features such as unique ID codes, redundancy control and automatic emergency stop. Standing 40 in (1,016mm) high, the TR825 works in both manual and remote mode, providing operators the ability to eliminate traditional work methods of manual labor, especially in hazardous environments and confined access areas. Other features include an anti-corrosion chain that withstands harsh environments such as iron ore, salt, copper or red dust. The zinc coating will protect the chain from seizing or rusting. Four certified lifting points to allow the loader to be craned into confined spaces.

Twin hydraulic cooling fans allow the loader to work in confined spaces at high temperatures and maintains the hydraulic oil temperature for optimum loader performance. In the event of low oil level and excessive heat, an automatic engine protection shutdown prevents damage. Two removable panels allow additional engine bay ventilation when working in extreme heat situations.

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