Genesis Attachments Expands Razer Demolition Tools With New GDT 590

Published: 23/11, 2020

Genesis Attachments announces the new GDT 590, the largest Razer Demolition Tool in a line now available in four models. Featuring a lighter-weight design, the GDT Razer is optimized to fit on standard and most high- reach excavators. The GDT 590 extends the minimum excavator weight to 606, up from the 22.5t, 335, and 45t minimum excavator weights of the GDT 190, 290, and 390 respectively.

The GDT 590 Razer also increases the line’s versatility to meet customer demands in applications such as demolition and concrete recycling and processing with its 52-in (1.3m) jaw opening, 46.5-in (1.18m) jaw depth, and 12-ft (3.65m) reach.

All GDT models feature a short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket that simplifies installation and switching the Razer between excavators, customizable quantities and locations of crushing teeth, and interchangeable and front-to-back reversible bolt-on teeth for longer life and lower cost of operation.

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