Ergo Climber Delivers Hydrodemolition Power from Scaffoldin

Published: 17/6, 2019

Aquajet Systems introduces the Ergo Climber attachment for its new Ergo System hydrodemolition robot. The Climber attaches to any standard scaffolding pipes and robotically moves along them to deliver powerful hydrodemolition forces for systematic vertical concrete or refractory removal, such as high-rise construction, petrochemical facilities, and other industrial applications.

The Climber’s roller beam and hydraulically synchronized left and right climbers robotically move and position the attached Power Head, directing the water jet to remove concrete from areas up to 6.6 feet (2 m) wide. Aquajet’s high-pressure Power Pack provides the required water pressure and flow. The Ergo System’s controller unit powers and controls the hydraulics. It uses intelligent sensing to allow the operator to program the lance for optimal material removal. The Power Head oscillation is adjustable to 8 or 14 degrees. The lance angle is modifiable up to 45 degrees.

Aquajet Systems designed the Climber with spring-loaded, high-friction rollers that connect to a lightweight roller beam with just one bolt. Contractors attach the all-wheel drive system to scaffolding pipe with two spring-loaded handles — one for the right and one for the left. The system offers a better grip and aids in the consistency of movement. Safety latches secure the handles in the locked position. The Climber travels well over most types and condition of pipe, including bent pipe, pipe joints, aluminum and steel pipe. Operators can arrange scaffolding to maximize the Climber’s effectiveness in a variety of applications.

The compact Ergo System serves as an effective alternative to hand lances, producing as much as four times the water reaction force —1,450 pis (1,000 N) — to remove concrete while leaving steel reinforcement unscathed.

Beyond the simplicity of the single-bolt connection, the Ergo Climber weighs just 48 lb (21.7 kg) and can be carried by one person, making it easier than ever for a contractor to add hydrodemolition services to their offerings. In addition, the Climber system’s power head features interchangeable parts with the Ergo Spine and operators can use the Spine roller beam with the Climber, improving convenience for contractors who own both systems.

India is growing at a record pace and the construction industry is booming. That has prompted a number of key industry companies to form a new industry trade group, and host a conference dedicated to demolition, concrete cutting, recycling, and remediation. Called DEMTECH, the conference will take place on November 13, 2019, at the Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai.


The World’s Fastest Growing Market

India is the world’s fastest growing market, even faster than China. In 2018, BMP rose by an average of 7%, and included the start of a US$98 billion investment in new infrastructure. India’s overall construction market is similar to that in China, when new cities and residential areas grew seemingly from nowhere. It is estimated that by 2022, India’s construction industry will be the country’slargest employer, with more than 75 million people. And by 2030, investment in construction projects will reach to US $ 7.5 trillion. The country currently has more than 200 large construction and civil engineering companies that work throughout the country. Another 120,000 small and medium-sized construction companies focus on local and regional work.


Great need for demolition, concrete cutting, recycling and remediation

Where construction is going on, professional services are also needed in the field of demolition, recycling of building residues, remediation, concrete cutting, structural dismantling, etc. (The term “demolition” also includes methods with diamond tools such as concrete drilling, floor sawing and demolition with wall and wire saws.)

In order to catch up on the events that are happening in India right now, some key companies in India’s demolition industry have joined forces to organize the country’s first conference on demolition, remediation and recycling. And demolition professionals around the world are invited to participate.

DEMTECH, to be held on November 13, 2019 at the Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai. The one-day event will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and include sessions on a variety of topics such as:


• Current business opportunities in India

• Infrastructure investments

• Construction industry development from today to 2025

• Presentations of major demolition and concrete cutting projects in India

• Product presentations by sponsors

• Recycling & Remediation


In addition, DEMTECH will have a special area for exhibitor booths directly adjacent to the conference room. The conference will conclude with a gala dinner will be held at the hotel. A project group for DEMTECH 2019 is working on establishing the final program for the conference day which will shortly be available on the events website,, and the Indian Demolition Association website,


Founding of the Indian Demolition Association (IDA)

DEMTECH will coincide with the official establishment of India’s first purely industry association for professional contractors in demolition, remediation, and recycling. One of the driving forces behind the conference and also the founding of the industry association is Mohan Ramanathan who has worked in the Indian demolition industry for decades, and knows both the industry and its suppliers well.

“India is currently in a position in its development with the utmost importance that the industry, its contractors and suppliers, need to gather,” Ramanathan says. “DEMTECH will be a perfect starting point for all the professional players who wish to contribute and take care of the opportunities that the country’s strong development offers.”

PDa magazine’s sister publication, PDi, will serve as media partner for DEMTECH 2019. Organizers are IDA and Riverbends Publishing, LLC. The event is also supported by the International Association for Concrete Drillers and Sawyers (IACDS), and the European Demolition Association (EDA).


Registration, sponsor opportunities, and exhibition area

The registration fee to attend the conference and the gala dinner in the evening is approximately US$80. Various sponsorship levels are available. The highest, Headline Sponsor, is exclusive to a single firm, will cost US$14,400. The Associate Sponsor Level opportunities are available for US$10,800, while Affiliate Sponsor Level costs US$7,200.

In direct connection to the conference room there will be a large exhibition area for table top booths. The rate for a table top booth is approximately US$1,500. Each booth measures around 6.5 x 5 ft (2x0 x 1.5 m), has a table with chairs and room for roll ups. All booking arrangements can be made via

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