Equipment Considerations for Different Applications

Published: 22/10, 2018

National Flooring Equipment has released a whitepaper to help contractors successfully prepare for multiple floor renovation applications. 

The paper, produced by Scot Coffey, territorial sales manager; Tom Dunn, director of major accounts; and Dave Bigham, director of national accounts, explains the main factors contractors need to consider when completing surface preparation in different applications, including equipment choice, safety considerations and working spaces.

“Every floor renovation requires different equipment and different considerations — there is no one size fits all in surface preparation,” explains Bigham. “National Flooring Equipment has manufactured bespoke equipment for more 50 years to ensure contractors have the right equipment, no matter what the job.

The whitepaper advises contractors on how to get the desired finish and how to complete the work safely and efficiently, as well as the main considerations for starting a new floor renovation--from what to look for when surveying the site, to how to reduce dust exposure when completing work. Other key points include assessing different requirements for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Celebrating 50 years of manufacturing surface-preparation machines in the US, National Flooring Equipment offers the whitepaper as a means for sharing its extensive expertise for overcoming challenges in different floor renovation applications. The white paper is available for download free of charge at

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