Epiroc USA Launches Mining and Construction Blog

Published: 30/9, 2019

Epiroc's new Mining and Construction USA blog is a valuable new information hub for the two industries, with content designed to help visitors increase their operations productivity, safety, and cost efficiency. The blog features engaging posts on best practices, industry trends and innovations, case studies from U.S.-based companies, and more from a team of expert contributors.

While the product range discussed in the blog covers areas in Epiroc's equipment expertise, e.g., drill rigs, rock excavation equipment, construction and demolition tools, and service solutions, the focus of the topics is much broader. Mining and Construction USA blog contributors share trends and detail solutions in the areas of autonomous projects, advanced technology, predictability, interoperability, zero-emission mining, as well as emerging innovation concepts and trends in the mining and construction industries.

The blog home page also features a live feed of Epiroc Facebook posts for real-time news updates, and links to the company's YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. www.miningandconstructionusa.com

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