Epiroc Launches 24/7 Self-Service Videos to Maximize Equipment Uptime

Published: 27/6

Epiroc has launched a 24/7 self-service video series designed to help operators and service technicians maximize their uptime of Epiroc equipment. The instructional how-to videos bring Epiroc’s extensive machine and application knowledge right to customers’ fingertips on their web or mobile devices. This allows the operators and service technicians to be as safe and efficient as possible.

Available at 24-selfservice.com and on Epiroc’s YouTube channel, the new 24/7 video series addresses the needs of many customers who prefer to have quick and easy access to information that would help them take care of their mining and construction equipment anytime, anywhere, to keep the production running smoothly.

The videos simplify troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for customers who prefer to perform routine work on their Epiroc equipment. The videos include answers to frequently asked questions and feature experienced Epiroc Product Experts who walk through step-by-step instructions and recommend parts and tooling for completing specific service work and a range of common repairs on various Epiroc machines.

In addition to on-demand access, the videos are closed captioned. If conditions don’t allow for users to hear clearly, they can still utilize the videos to help resolve their issue.

“Customers’ productivity is our top priority,” says Floris Timmers, Business Line Manager for Parts & Services division at Epiroc USA. “Having just one machine down can bring an entire job site to a standstill, but there’s no need to wait for help on typical repairs. Sometimes it’s possible to do the troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance yourself so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer our 24/7 self-service videos.”

Epiroc USA currently has 50 instructional videos in its online library, covering a wide range of topics related to troubleshooting, maintenance issues, and repairs of the SmartROC D65, D60, D55 and PowerROC T45, T35. Topics including troubleshooting sensor failure, winterizing, pre-walk inspection, e-stop, and many others. Epiroc USA plans to expand the video series to cover all equipment offerings, including other rock excavation and drilling equipment, hydraulic attachments, underground machinery, tools for surface and underground applications, and automation technology solutions.


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