Epiroc Introduces V Cutter

Published: 27/6

The reliability, robustness and ease of use of the Epiroc drum cutters have been taken to a new level with the VC 2000. Thanks to its namesake V-shaped design, the VC2000 enables a cut with a flat base, leaving no material untouched between the drums.

Where a regular drum cutter must move side to side to create an even trench, an approach that causes extra wear on the carrier arm, the VC 2000 can reach the same result by just going straight. It basically works like a bucket, which makes it easier to use, friendlier for the carrier, and a significantly time- and energy-consuming. In fact, the VC 2000 boasts energy savings of up to 40% compared with conventional drum cutters.

“The efficiency issues connected with trenching have been met with advanced, but expensive solutions, says Gordon Hambach, Epiroc’s Global Business Manager for Hydraulic Attachment Tools. “We’re pleased to present an alternative that will save time and money in virtually every aspect, from investment to energy and wear on the carrier. And it’s all achieved by the angles of the drum.”

All the distinguishing features of classic Epiroc drum cutters are included in the VC 2000—robust spur gears, adoptable high torque gear motor, and the QuickSnap retaining system for fast and easy pick changing. The new model even comes with the Pro bracket, which leads all hydraulic hoses through the center of the extension arm and out of harm’s way. Mechanical and hydraulic rotatable brackets are also available as well as dust preventing water spraying system.

HATCON, a monitoring system that keeps track of operating hours, location and service intervals and presents that data on virtually any screen via MyEpiroc is another option that will increase the overall effectiveness.


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