Dynaset Website in French web de Dynaset en français

Published: 13/7, 2018

Dynaset Website in French (Site web de Dynaset en français)

Dynaset has been serving customers in multiple languages for years. The company’s talented group of employees are fluent in English, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese, allowing the company to creating new language versions of the company’s website and technical documents to improve customer experience. New language versions help customers to understand the benefits of the company’s innovative technology.

“Dynaset is already offering customer service in several languages and now, by adding content with additional languages to the website, the company will provide even better customer experience,” says Sales Manager Anni Karppinen. “The content serves the needs of multiple customer segments and co-operation partners.

Dynaset has recruited more French-speaking personnel in last few years to be able to improve its customer service in Canada and elsewhere. In addition to translating manuals into French, the company has released a French language version of its website to complement the current language selection. The website includes for example product descriptions, technical data, photos, videos, dealer locator, manuals, press releases, and information about applications and carrier machinery.

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