Dynaset Launches Vacuum Products

Published: 13/4, 2021

Dynaset has introduced a new vacuum product category with the arrival of its new Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket (HRVB) and the Hydraulic Centrifugal Fan (HCF). Dynaset vacuum products convert the hydraulic power of mobile machinery, vehicles, and vessels into high volume airflow. The airflow can work as both a vacuum and air blower.

The new HRVB converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine or vehicle into a vacuum for recycling applications and into air blowing for cleaning tasks. The HRVB offers an air blow/vacuum within one unit in order to provide fast and accurate demolition site cleaning and material sorting. In addition to the negative air pressure of -8kPA, the HRVB also provides a max air flow of 120 ft3/sec (3.4m3/sec), an auxiliary suction port and vacuum hose for foot work as well as an adjustable suction hatch. Users can adjust the hatch via hydraulics from the cabin.

The HCF converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine, vehicle or vessel, into high volume air flow for air blow and vacuum applications. It converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into air flow via a fan blade, and produces air flow for all vacuum and blowing applications in mobile use. As with the the HRVB, the HCF also provides air blow/vacuum within one single unit, and offers an air flow from 28.2 to 120 ft3/sec (0.8 to 3.4m3/sec). The HCF is CE-marked, and the unit cools itself without external cooling. Both the HRVB and the HCF are used in industries such as construction and earthmoving, demolition and recycling, environment and infrastructure.


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