Dynaset HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier for Cylinder

Published: 17/6, 2019

Dynaset HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier (HPIC) boosts hydraulic pressure in order to increase the power of hydraulic cylinders. It is a compact and powerful unit for boosting the pressure in any hydraulic system. 

HPIC uses the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system to increase pressure level only when needed without hindering the cylinder’s designed use. This is a great tool for pulverizing and wedging applications. It boosts the pressure up to 10,153 psi (700 bar) and flow up to 8 gallons/min (30 litres/min). The pressure and flow levels are fully adjustable with HPIC. 

The compact design of HPIC allows fitting it into the hydraulic system even on smallest machines. The power booster enables to use more powerful tools on your machine. It is a great addition for demolition machinery, excavators, tractors, low-pressure vehicles, and ROV units.


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