Dust-free Site with Water Mist from Dynaset

Published: 30/9, 2019

Dynaset HPW-DUST High Pressure Dust Suppression System produces atomized water mist which prevents dust particles from spreading to the environment. Users can control the water jets with an excavatorÕs joystick.

The double dust feature gives an additional boost when needed. The system is easy to install. While dust suppression nozzles can be located on a boom, installing them on a pulverizer achieves higher efficiency and better targeting. High-pressure water can be led to the pulverizer's nozzles through the line in a coupler system.

The dust suppression system is powered by the hydraulics of an excavator. That means no additional engines or additional labor. Users save water as well, reducing waste that occurs when integrating suppression equipment into an excavator or another mobile machine.

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