Demolition Robot Applications - A Growing Market

Published: 19/3, 2019

The number of applications where the where remote control demolition robots are by far the best solution are increasing, and so is also the number of manufacturers. 

But the demolition robot manufacturer Brokk has the market in an iron grip. No one can contradict that. During 2018 the manufacturer released four new machines, Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and Brokk 520D which all have been thoroughly presented in PDa last year. So probably the market is not going to see any new models this year, but you never know with Brokk. 

New demolition attachments from Brokk 
In September last year Brokk also released a new line of hydraulic breakers especially developed to fit their wide range of demolition robots. The breaker series BHB contains of eight models from 110 lb (50 kg) to 1,543 lb (700 kg), and will be extended this spring. But the fast flow of new products does not stop here. In April this year at the German megashow Bauma, Brokk will introduce a number of new demolition attachments, including a new range of drum cutters and an upgraded range of demolition grapples. A new concrete crusher from affiliate company Darda will be released as well.

The new drum cutter range is called, BDC (Brokk Drum Cutter). The range starts with the brand new BDC 40 for the smallest Brokk 60 model, BDC 50 and BDC 100 for the mid-range of Brokk robots, and BDC 250 for the biggest Brokk machines. This introduction represents the worldÕs first complete line of drum cutters designed and optimized specifically for use on demolition robots, the result of increased use of Brokk machines in underground and construction sector applications.
The upgraded line of demolition grapples at Bauma includes the new G32 grapple, designed for the most compact Brokk models. The new model features a wider grip of 12.6 in (320mm) and an improved rotating function. Together with its larger sibling, the G50, Brokk has developed a unique solution for "soft demolition" that is optimized for use on BrokkÕs demolition robots. 

Brokk has also invested in developing rock drill attachments for its machines. These are customized and fully integrated with the control and operation of the Brokk robots. Now the range has been extended with the powerful new TE 326 drill attachment used on the new Brokk 300 and Brokk 500 models.

The Brokk-owned Darda GmbH has also upgraded its concrete crusher line of attachments for Brokk robots. The full new range of crushers, including the newly introduced CC440, CC480, and CC580 will all be on display at bauma. These new crushers feature significantly increased performance, with higher crushing power and wider jaw openings. The improvements make it possible to crush thicker and harder concrete slabs, while keeping to the same size and weight segment. The new Darda crushers are also designed to fit Brokk model robots.

Four Husqvarna demolition robots
Although Brokk has proven to an extremely strong and devoted player in the demolition robot sector there are other brands. Husqvarna has a line of four robots that was released some years back and has indeed taken some chunks of a market that is constantly growing in step with new applications. Husqvarna currently has four demolition robots in its range. DXR 140 is the smallest and weighs 2,132 lb (967 kg) followed by the DXR 270 with a weight of 3,858 lb (1,750 kg). The remaining to are DXR 300 at 4,321 lb (1960 kg) and DXR 310 weighing 4,453 lb (2,020 kg). Husqvarna has so far not announced any new products in this field this year but letÕs keep the eyes open at Bauma in April.

Tecman enters demolition robot business 
One of the main sensations at the French show Intermat last year was the entry of France-based attachment specialist Tecman into the demolition robot business with its own in-house developed model. Tecman is a family-owned company with a track record of 25 years. Luc Templier founded it in 1993 in Saint Quentin, Franc,e to manufacture rock breaker booms (still Tecman's chief specialty), hydraulic hammers, and other excavator attachments. A quarter of a century later, the company evolved into a major player with three integrated factories in France and a dealer network that sprawls over five continents. 

At Intermat, TecmanÕs Robot 2500 was a real showstopper. Weighing in at 2,7t, the demolition robot is powered by a 22.9-hp (22-kW) three-phase electric motor. The Tecman OptiStab stabilizer system ensures the machineÕs stability during operation. The demolisher can carry a 992-lb (450-kg) hydraulic hammer, or 627-lb (305-kg) drum cutter that can be easily exchanged thanks to an Oilquick automatic coupler. 

New mini-format demolition machine features unique kinematics
PDa is happy to be the first to announce that German manufacturer TML Technik will launch a completely new brand of demolition robots at Bauma. The new Unidachs 110 has a compact design and a unique 360-degree, endlessly rotatable boom, high maneuverability, and hydraulic drive. Just 64.3 in (1,635 mm) high and only 51.7 in (1,315 mm) wide, the Unidachs 110 is ideal for working areas in tunnels or buildings that are not easily accessible. 

The 360-degree boom rotation, combined with the double articulated cantilever boom, offers a very high level of flexibility for attachments such as rotary drum cutters, hydraulic hammers, ripper buckets, ripper hooks, shears, pulverizes, or buckets.

Despite its compact size, the Unidachs 110 has a working radius of up to 16.4 ft (5 m), depending on the attachment.  The machines are available with a choice of diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drives. Diesel engines have either 26kW (EU Stage 3a) or 18.5kW (EPA Tier 4), with a 33.5-hp (25-kW) electro-hydraulic unit.

The Unidachs 110 offers maximum safety for the employees on site and minimizes potential dangers arising, for example, from collapsing walls or falling material. Optional cameras can be installed on the machine.

TopTec demolition robots
Another time-proven German brand of demolition robots is TopTec. The success story of TopTec Spezialmaschinen in Munich began with the TopTec 1850 E. Since its prototype was introduced in 1999, the TopTec 1850 E was improved step by step and is still the small workhorse and inherent part of the product range. In order to meet the highest standards of quality, the machines are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

The TopTec 1850 E remote controlled demolition robot has two supporting beams (separately driven), a three-parted boom and quick-coupler. With its electro-hydraulic output of 24.5 hp (18.5 kW, it can carry tools up to 660 lb (300 kg) and operate complex hydraulic equipment.

Today TopTec has seven standard models as well as several tailor-made models mad for special purposes. TopTec will exhibit at Bauma in April.

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