DARDA Expands Multi Cutter Portfolio

Published: 22/1, 2020

After Darda’s new Multi Cutter MC300 was presented to the public at Bauma 2019, the manufacturer of environmentally friendly, hydraulic demolition equipment showed the new Multi Tool in a live test at the RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe, Germany. Based on its little brother MC200, the MC300 weighs 639 lb (290kg) and comes with a hefty cutting force of 60 tons. With an opening width of 13.8 in (350mm), the Darda Multi Cutter MC300 offers maximum productivity for use with carriers from 2.5t to 9 tons. And in combination with a remote-controlled Brokk demolition robot B200 or B300, it becomes even more effective.

Darda Multi Cutters generally stand for safe and efficient cutting of profiles, utility lines and cables in a variety of industries, including demolition, gutting, construction, recycling, and nuclear industry. In construction, for example, entire industrial halls and production facilities are cleared of pipes, steel girders, and ventilation shafts, while heaps of cables are cut into small pieces. The materials are sorted in preparation of the subsequent demolition work. In recycling yards, plastic pipes, high-voltage cables, deep-sea cables, and a great deal of scrap, are cut. The Multi Cutters from Darda are used for everything from car recycling to the separation of car tires and rims. And if you need to use them under water, that is no problem either. Nevertheless, the Multi Cutter is particularly popular with contractors when used for internal coring.

“Its slim design and maneuverability make our Multi Cutter an economical cutting tool for small carriers, even when working in difficult to access places,” says Darda Sales Manager Andreas Ruf. “Regrindable and replaceable cutting blades guaranty easy maintenance and low wear costs.”


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