CSDA Opens Registration for Next Classes

Published: 13/7, 2018

CSDA Opens Registration for Next Classes

The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) has announced its 2018/19 training and certification schedule, with six hands-on courses planned at St. Petersburg College in Clearwater, Fla. 
The schedule includes a series of hands-on comprehensive introductory classes geared toward anyone wishing to expand his/her knowledge of cuttng disciplines. They are followed by a series of advanced Operator Certification courses designed for experienced operators looking to gain proficiency in sawing and drilling techniques. 

Several additional training courses will be available in Las Vegas during World of Concrete 2019, providing additional training on concrete polishing, GPR, and estimating. 

Classes in Clearwater, Fla.
Oct. 15-16    Slab Sawing & Core Drilling 101 Introduction 
Oct. 17-18    Wall & Hand Sawing 101 Introduction 
Oct. 19    Wire Sawing 101 Introduction
Nov. 5-6    Slab Sawing & Core Drilling 201 Certification 
Nov. 7-8    Wall & Hand Sawing 201 Certification 
Nov. 9    Wire Sawing 201 Certification 

Classes at World of Concrete 2018, Las Vegas
Jan. 22-23    Concrete Polishing 
Jan. 22-23    Estimating Course 
Jan. 24    GPR Methods & Theory 
Jan. 24    Testing Methods for Concrete Polished Floors 

As part of its Train More Save More program, CSDA offers large discounts to companies that send multiple operators to sawing and drilling courses. For registration details and other important information about these classes, visit www.csda.org/training.

CSDA also has an online training website consisting of 27 courses ,available via www.csdatraining.com.

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