Conjet North America Hosts Hydrodemolition Educational Week

Published: 22/3

Conjet, Inc., hosted a three-day event in late February at its Charlotte, NC, headquarters to provide customer training and promote market awareness of the benefits of hydrodemolition. The company’s North American team welcomed several Conjet experts from Sweden for the event, including Conny Tångring, Global Service Manager; Miguel Paquez, Global Product Manager, Parts and Accessories; and Rebecca Nilsson, Global Marketing Manager.

The week started with a two-day “ConjetU” training program, with 14 operators from five Conjet customers participating. They received both classroom and hands-on equipment training covering the fundamentals of hydrodemolition, the automated concrete removal (ACR) operating system, safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting. In addition, the ConjetU “students” were able to share their combined knowledge, experience, and best practices across a range of different projects and jobsite conditions. Each attendee received a certificate of completion establishing that they have passed the ConjetU training program and are certified to operate Conjet equipment.

The feedback from the ConjetU program was overwhelmingly positive, with one participant proclaiming that, “Conjet has a great future. They care about educating their customers.”

The event also included a public “Demo Day” to promote the application and benefits of hydrodemolition. more 40 people attended, including infrastructure managers, industry suppliers, Conjet customers, and other contractors interested in learning how to utilize hydrodemolition on their upcoming projects.

During the morning session, Conjet provided educational sessions describing the hydrodemolition process, the company’s product line and the key factors to consider when planning a bridge project. After breaking for lunch, attendees were given a front row seat to a live demonstration of hydrodemolition removal on a concrete slab at the Conjet facility. The demolition was performed with the Conjet 557 MPA robot, the most versatile hydrodemolition robot on the market. Following the live demonstration, attendees were provided with refreshments and additional time to network, engage in technical discussions regarding Conjet’s ACR robots and potential jobsite applications.

Andrew Johnson, Pavement Design Engineer for the Southeast Cement Promotion Association, said that the Demo Day, “increased my understanding of the power of hydrodemolition and its potential applications for maintaining concrete transportation infrastructure. After seeing the live demonstration, I came away very impressed with the speed and quality of the demolition.” Johnson was also able to brainstorm with Conjet’s customers regarding some potential new applications for using hydrodemolition to repair cement highways.

“I hope to attend the next event and plan to invite my colleagues to join me,” Johnson said. Stephen Sistrunk, CEO of Conjet, Inc., was pleased with how the entire three-day event unfolded.

“By providing a live demonstration to the audience of infrastructure managers, our experienced customers and other contractors seeking to improve the efficiency of concrete removal, we facilitated a unique educational and networking opportunity that should serve to benefit our customers and grow overall demand for hydrodemolition services in the North American market.”

Conjet plans to host more hydrodemolition Demo Days in the future, starting with another event scheduled for this summer.

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