Comprehensive Wall and Wire Saw Systems From Hilti

Published: 23/11, 2020

More than 20 years ago, Hilti launched the first electric wall saw with 6.7 hp (5kW) of power. This was the start of a journey that saw the company play its part in shaping the future and progression of wall sawing.

Hilti’s development work was driven by weight, ease of connectivity and increased productivity. In order to increase productivity even more, Hilti created and introduced its industry renowned Cut Assist Technology that negated the need for a heavy separate convertor box (E-box). In the near future additional tools will be added to include advanced Cut Assist Technology and wireless remote control.


10kW and 20kW wall saw range and diamond blades

The 10kW wall saw, equipped with Cut Assist Technology, provides excellent mobility, with the DST 10-CA being the ideal solution as far as weight and operating in space reduced environments are concerned. Due to its efficiency, it transfers 10.7 hp (8kW) as a power output thanks to the Hilti Traction Control system, resulting in a cutting depth capability of up to 15 in (380mm). Connectivity to a 16A plug makes it a highly versatile tool that can be deployed on any construction site around the world.

The 26.8-hp (20kW) wall saw, also equipped with Cut Assist Technology, provides great productivity with 30% more power and three times the starting torque that results in the DST 20-CA providing excellent performance. With the only integrated convertor box in its size class, the machine is easy to transport, avoids long set up times, and has wireless remote control that indicates all the cutting parameters, providing ease of use for the operator. The saw draws its power from an industry standard 32A plug, and coupled with a 60% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, the machine can cut to a depth of more than 28 in (730mm). The Hilti Equidist diamond saw blade line is designed to work with the company’s wall saws. The technology used ensures optimal cutting performance using precise distribution of the diamonds in the blade. Combined with Hilti’s precision tensioned blade, it provides the extra performance required on any job site.


Three electric standard wire sawing systems

Originally, wire sawing was proposed as a solution for cutting natural stone for more refined quality compared to blasting or breaking half a century ago. Now wire sawing is appreciated to be an ideal solution for cutting complex and multiple structures in any material, no matter where it is cut. Over the decades Hilti has developed what it says is the most extensive range in the world which now includes both standard and bespoke wire solutions, providing complete synergy to its diamond tools. Hilti’s current off the shelf solutions consist of three electric versions, plus a range of bespoke solutions. On both standard and bespoke solutions, the tensioning of the diamond wire is done through a pneumatic system, ensuring optimal tension.

The 13.4-hp (10kW) DSW 1005-E wire saw gives great versatility and convenience, allowing the user to undertake small jobs on miscellaneous small jobsites, with its easy set-up making it convenient for these kinds of applications. The 20-hp (15kW) DS WS15 wire saw provides users with the opportunity to perform at a consistently high level on demanding controlled demolition job sites. Its ease of set-up and operations allows operators to gain maximum efficiency and includes its own compact wire storage system.

When output and performance become vital on a job site the 40-hp (30kW) DSW 3018-E wire saw offers a unique machine solution providing high levels of productivity while remaining compact. This “top of the range” standard wire machine is able to cut heavily reinforced concrete and steel with what Hilti says is unbeatable performance.


Accessories in addition to standard range

Hilti’s partners sometimes face challenges that can usually be solved with the company’s standard range of accessories. Sometimes however they require additional accessories in order to make the machines perform even better. Hilti accessories include pulleys for plunge cutting (cutting concrete without having access from the bottom/back), flexible pulley systems to reduce the angle of attack and facilitate set-up, and additional wire storage with an optional cooling system for dry cutting. There’s also a dust collection system for dry cutting concrete.

In addition, Hilti also offers solutions that have been developed to service the requirements of different industries whose needs cannot be met with standard machines. To meet these specific customer requirements, Hilti has thus developed innovative bespoke solutions which come with many advantages for users. This often results, says the company, that its customers often experience a 100% increase in cost efficiency during serial cutting applications.

From a safety point of view, an important non-standard bespoke solution is its wire guards that improve operator safety. These reduce the risk to the operator both from a health and safety perspective as well as making the equipment more user-friendly as the equipment is made easier to handle, requiring close to no training. In addition, operator intervention is reduced with advanced Cut Assist Technology and closed-loop wires that ensure that there are no wire breakages, hence no operator intervention.

The bespoke machines are said to outperform conventional technology by a factor of up to 10 as every solution is ‘made to measure’, meaning that there are no limits to the possibilities whether the application is nuclear, oil and gas or any other application.

Optimum diamond wires for wire sawing

The wire range is the most extensive range available as Hilti offers all available technologies sintered with a newly updated range, electroplated and vacuum brazed wires). On top of that, the company has developed a specific range for its high-power DSW 3018-E standard saw and its bespoke solutions, which uses unique double-layer vacuum brazed wire.

Whatever challenge faced, Hilti is ready to provide either off the shelf or bespoke solutions to help its partners to make their jobsites as efficient as possible. Hilti also offers extensive services through its unique Fleet Management program. This provides finance and additional service elements such as repairs at a fixed cost as well as the opportunity to borrow tools in order to allow partners to continue working when their machine is being serviced.

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