“Brokkology” Podcast Shares Brokk Stories

Published: 5/5, 2020

The “Brokkology” podcast series features Brokk owners and operators from across North America sharing their challenges and triumphs in various remote-controlled demolition applications.

“Brokkology” is the study of Brokk — the machines, the company, the culture that has arisen around this unique product — told by the men and women in the field who are using the equipment to revolutionize demolition applications. Through this series, they are able to share their insight, innovations and ideas with others, such as how to approach and manage projects or ways to break into a new applications and markets using robotic demolition.

The hour-long podcasts are available twice a month and feature a one-on-one conversation with a “Brokkologist” who shares demolition industry experiences and what attracted them to Brokk. The interviews also cover how robotic demolition has revolutionized each guest’s operation—either on a specific job or by integrating the equipment into their everyday process. “Brokkologists” outline challenges they’ve encountered and the innovative solutions that allowed them to find success time and again. The resulting interviews provide guidance, encouragement and entertainment for other Brokk operators looking to capitalize on their equipment investment.

“During my 29 years with Brokk, I’ve come into contact with a number of contractors who have taken our machines above and beyond anything I could have imagined — truly revolutionizing their applications,” says Brokk, Inc., VP of Operations Mike Martin, who conducts the interviews. Mike is a true legend when it comes to Brokk in the US and has sold and marketed Brokk machines in the US since it was launched in the US. “These are the true leaders of our industry, and they are a valuable resource for other Brokk operators looking to improve performance or equipment utilization. Their experiences will help the next generation of Brokk owners and operators better integrate this innovative technology into their operation to expand markets, increase safety, and maximize profitability.”

For more information on Brokkology, visit the podcast website, www.brokkology.com.

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