Brokk Records a Record Order

Published: 19/3, 2019

Brokk has received its biggest order in the company's 40-year history, with 60 Brokk robots with multiple tools and attachments scheduled for delivery to a customer in Asia later this year.

While Brokk robots are well known in the construction process, mining,and tunneling industries, the machines play important roles in recovery activities following natural disasters, severe accidents, and terrorist attacks.

BrokkÕs proven machines with technology for both short and long-distance remote control, removes the operator from high-risk areas. Because the critical first hours after a disaster are filled with uncertainties, the Brokk machines capability to easily switch and use a wide variety of tools is highly valuable. One machine to move, lift, demolish, cut and dig its way through difficult conditions and terrain is what makes Brokk robots the perfect solution for a variety of rescue and recovery missions.

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