Brokk Introduces World’s Most Powerful Demolition Robot

Published: 13/4, 2021

Ten years after setting a new benchmark for demolition robot power with the Brokk 800, Brokk introduces the all-new Brokk 900. Leveraging the success and experiences of the predecessor, the new robot meets the extreme requirements of the toughest hard rock underground work.

The Brokk 900 is a big step up from the predecessor in many ways. The design and engineering of the machine is reinforced, the power is increased, its operation even more precise, and the new breaker is more powerful. And all this with almost no increase in size and weight.

Using Brokk SmartPower™ technology to improve the powertrain, the Brokk 900 delivers a 25% increase in output power. At the same time, reliability and machine uptime meets the new industry benchmark for demolition robots set by the introduction of Brokk SmartPower™ a few years ago.

The Brokk 900 comes in two different models. The standard Brokk 900 comes with the option of two different hydraulic breakers—the 3,300-lb (1500kg) BHB 1500 for super-hard materials, and the slightly lighter 2,866-lb (1,300kg) BHG 1300 for maximum productivity in heavy concrete demolition. When not breaking tough granite rock, the higher blow frequency and more nimble size of this breaker will maximize the production rate.

The Brokk 900 Rotoboom is designed for maximum flexibility in applications where access and precision are more important than power. In addition to a 360-degree continuous boom rotation with smooth movements for maximum precision, the Rotoboom is heat-protected for red-hot refractory work in metal plants. It also comes with Brokk’s patented heat-shielded hydraulic breaker. Both Brokk 900 models come with the option of electric or diesel powertrain. The electric motor is the obvious choice for both lowest cost of operation and most environmentally friendly. However, the new diesel engine is not far behind, meeting the toughest emissions standards that exist today. It is compliant with both the US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V standards.

Finally, the Brokk 900 takes serviceability up a notch. Despite weighing more than 11 tons, the model is designed to be serviced by one person. No heavy lifting needed.

The Brokk 900 will be available in mid-2021.

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