Brokk Connect Keeps Robot Users in Touch With Operations

Published: 13/4, 2021

Brokk Connect, a hardware and software solution uniquely designed for Brokk robots, connects the machine to an online portal where users can track and manage their machines. In addition to providing real-time data, Brokk Connect analyzes information to help owners optimize machine utilization and machine uptime. Combined with a Brokk Uptime service agreement, Brokk Connect enables customers to fully focus on maximizing the value of their business.

Connected to both the machine’s control unit and all the sensors, Brokk Connect is uniquely designed to process and analyze all the data from the robot to help owners and operators to always be in full control. To ensure optimal coverage, the connection to the robot is linked via the user’s mobile phone network.

Through the online platform, users can locate and manage the entire robot fleet, get precise information of every activity, and receive alerts of needs for attention or service requirements. Brokk Connect will be available to users worldwide by the end of 2021

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