BossTek Introduces New Industry-Leading Warranty

Published: 13/7, 2018

BossTek Introduces New Industry-Leading Warranty

BossTek has increased the warranty term for its direct drive fan motors to 5 years or 5,000 hours. The new warranty applies to the entire lineup of the company’s atomized mist cannons. As industrial dust emissions become more heavily regulated, the improved warranty offers customers peace of mind and reflects BossTek’s commitment to superior durability and return on investment from its products.

Available in four sizes depending on the needs of the application, a single DustBoss® unit can cover up to five football fields with billions of mist droplets approximately 50 to 200 microns in diameter. The huge coverage area is achieved by using the vertical adjustment and optional 359º oscillator. The tiniest droplets are small enough to travel with dust emissions, collide with particles too small to see and drag them to the ground. The larger droplets deliver surface suppression, without excessive pooling or saturation of material.

DustBoss units are a one-touch operation, allowing workers to turn them on and walk away. The water pressure emitted from the mist nozzles is harmless, the maximum amount of water used is 39 gal/min (147.6 liter/min). Fans are guarded against reach-in injury, creating a safe and cost-effective operation.

The cannons can be mounted on a tower, steel skid or wheeled frame. They can also be purchased as Fusion™ units that feature an enclosed tank and gen set on a roadworthy trailer for applications that lack easy access to water and power or require exceptional portability.

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