Atlas Copco’s new Energy Storage Systems Optimize High-Power Applications

Published: 12/10, 2021

The latest energy storage system from Atlas Copco, the ZenergiZe ZBC range offers rated power from 100kVA to 1000kVA and an energy storage capacity of up to 2000kWh to deliver high power with long autonomy. The versatile energy storage system can be used together with a generator to enable smart load management, or serve as the primary source of power when used in the island mode.

In addition, the ZenergiZe can be combined with renewable sources of energy for immediate or later use. It captures the energy from solar panels, for example, and stores it for delivery at any given time. The intelligent control system manages offer and demand coming from the different energy sources, increasing the efficiency of hybrid solutions that translates into overall cost reductions.

This ZenergiZe can also act as the microgrid “brain,” managing the power supply of entire areas. It can store the energy from diverse sources and manage the energy consumption and regulate the load for each of the applications associated with the microgrid using its intelligent control system. Additionally, the ZenergiZe energy storage systems can be synchronized with additional energy storage systems, enabling users to scale their final solution with up to 30 ZBCs working in parallel in any power node.

The compact footprint of the ZenergiZe range is ideal for applications where floor space is limited. The use of high-density lithium-ion batteries means that they are 70-percent smaller and lighter in weight than other battery technologies. Thanks to its compact design, it is very versatile and can be used in rental or construction applications where easy transport is a must, as well as in more stationary applications where space and weight may be a constraint.

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