Atlas Copco QAC 1350 TwinPower Generator Brings Reliable Power to Large Back-up Systems

Published: 11/1, 2021

Atlas Copco has added a Stage V-compliant model to its popular QAC series of containerised generators. The versatile TwinPowerTM concept enables operators to cut fuel consumption while enhancing performance and complying with environmental regulation. Powerful, quieter than other units of the same power size, and easy to transport, the generators suit a range of applications, including utilities, events, construction, quarrying, mining, and petroleum projects

The unique TwinPowerTM technology leverages two smaller engines housed inside a containerised unit instead of one large one to achieve high power density with low fuel consumption, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The new TwinPowerTM delivers up to 1,350 kVA as a prime power. When used with a variable load, the QAC1350 consumes up to 40% less fuel than solutions with one large engine due to fewer mechanical losses. Now compliant with the European Stage V regulations, the generator provides an environmentally friendly way to power operations, with nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduced up to 80%.

Measuring just 20 ft (6m), the compact design and lighter structure make the generators easy to transport. The units are ready for operation as soon as they are on site, with optional power locks for fast connection.

The QAC1350 is equipped with a centralised control and monitoring system featuring Qc4004 digital controllers, making the system easy to configure and use. The intuitive touchscreen enables the operator to quickly review critical data and switch between the fuel optimiser, redundancy, and split operation modes to prolong service intervals and minimise fuel consumption.

Depending on the application, the generator can run as a standalone unit or in parallel with the mains, providing operators with flexible access to power. Designed to provide the best possible uptime, the QAC1350 can be serviced in less than two hours, with a maintenance interval of 500 hours. The innovative TwinPowerTM construction means that it is also possible to use 50% of the unit’s total capacity during maintenance to avoid any downtime.

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