Atlas Copco Air Compressors Optimize Fuel Efficiency and Increase Performance

Published: 13/4, 2021

In response to the upcoming regulation, Atlas Copco has upgraded its popular 8 Series of air compressors to meet the most stringent emission norms for construction and road equipment, making it the cleanest range on the market. In addition to greener operation, the compressors now feature innovative new technologies that help cut operating costs and improve productivity, with 25 percent less fuel consumption.

The updated 8 Series includes eleven models, some with inbuilt generators. All feature a corrosion-free, durable, and strong HardHat® PE hood. Thanks to Atlas Copco’s pioneering Air Element design, most compressors weigh under 1,653 (750kg) and occupy a footprint 10 percent smaller than comparable models. The 8 Series units may be towed behind a normal passenger car, simplifying operation, and reducing cost.

Some of the compressors are also now equipped with advanced control panels to simplify management and improve efficiency. The basic XC1004 controller introduces an electronic controller for models that otherwise only have gauges, and allows for an easy, smooth and safe operation while avoiding downtime. The XC2003 controller introduces applications as PACE (Pressure Adjusted Through Cognitive Electronics), which allows users to easily select the pressure from a wide range, while the flow adjusts automatically to your application’s need. The XAS 68-12 PACE can handle a pressure range from 72.5 to 174 psi (5 to 12 bar) to cover a range of applications from paint spraying to drilling.

To help operators revolutionize fuel efficiency, the models that feature the XC2003 controller now offer a new feature called ECO-mode. The e innovative technology helps reduce the cost associated with running compressors on idling mode during downtime, for example, when changing parts in machinery or moving equipment to new locations on the site.

When ECO-mode is activated, the 8 Series compressors automatically switch from a no-load to unload mode, reducing fuel consumption by a further 50 percent. This translates to significant savings, as fuel consumption typically accounts for around 80 percent of the operating costs of a compressor. Importantly, utilizing ECO-mode does not delay productivity. Once the work is ready to resume, the compressor is back up and running in seconds.

Despite their lightweight and compact design, the air compressors are designed to operate reliably in the harshest environments. Atlas Copco’s patented HardHat® canopy protects the compressor against the elements, and its plastic casing is resistant to corrosion and cracks, enabling it to endure tough use on site.

Finally, to further enhance uptime, the compressors have a service interval of 1,000 hours and can be serviced in under 60 minutes, without any special tools.

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