Atlas Copco Adds Four Models to Versatility Range

Published: 13/4, 2021

Atlas Copco has extended its Versatility range of mobile compressors with the launch of XAS 188-10 PACE, XAS 188-14 PACE, XAS 288-10 PACE, and XAS 238-14 PACE. With this addition, Atlas Copco’s Versatile range offers operators optimal fuel efficiency and increased productivity. Atlas Copco’s innovative PACE (Pressure Adjustment through Cognitive Electronics) system offers the widest operating pressure range within a single compressor, allowing multiple pressure and flow combinations. PACE extends the operating spectrum for a single compressor from 72.5 to 203 psi (5 to 14 bar). This increased versatility boosts the utilization rate of the compressor, providing extra productivity as it gives more flow when operators lower the pressure. Therefore, the new compressors are ideal to use in a wide range of tasks, from paint spraying to handheld tools, abrasive blasting, shotcrete, cable blowing, and drilling.

The PACE system resides within Atlas Copco’s Xc2003 controller, which has an intuitive color LCD screen-based user interface. Operators can easily change the pressure setting with increments of 0.1 bar in just three easy steps. The system keeps track of compressor utilization and prompts for planned service interventions. The Xc2003 maintains the compressor’s environmental resilience with its IP65-rated dust and water protection. All compressors in the Versatility range come with Atlas Copco’s patented HardHat® polyethylene canopy to protect the compressor against elements. This cover is durable, light, corrosion-resistant, and virtually indestructible, ensuring a high resale value at the end of the compressors’ lifetime.

The four new models feature ECO-mode to help operators revolutionize fuel efficiency. This innovative technology from Atlas Copco helps reduce the cost associated with running compressors on idling mode during downtime, for example, when changing parts in machinery or moving equipment to new locations on the site. When ECO-mode is activated, the XAS 188 and XAS 288 compressors automatically switch from a no-load to unload mode, reducing fuel consumption by a further 50 percent. Relevantly, utilizing ECO-mode does not delay productivity. Once the work is ready to resume, the compressor is back up and running in seconds.

The Versatility range has been designed to work reliably in ambient temperatures of 10 to 113°F (25° to 45°C ). Additionally, the compressors in this range feature a strong, 110 percent spillage-free frame, eliminating any risk of ground contamination because it contains all the machine’s fluids.

Simplicity of service was clearly factored into the design of the range. Each model is easy to access and requires an oil service just once every two years. Thanks to the new patented oil separator vessel of the four new models of the Versatility range, the oil service takes 30 minutes.

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