Aquajet To Unveil Revolutionary New Product During Worldwide Digital Launch

Published: 6/5, 2020

Aquajet Systems will introduce a revolutionary new product through a worldwide digital launch on Wednesday, May 27, at 8:00 am EDT. 

“We originally planned to share this exciting new technology at our Aquajet Open Days, but world events changed that plan,” explains Roger Simonsson, Aquajet CEO. “However, innovation and our commitment to the hydrodemolition industry are as strong as ever, so we’re bringing our product to the market in a new way.” 

The 35-minute event will be in a webinar format with 20 minutes to see the new product and learn about the features and benefits, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Simonsson, Chief Engineer Ronnie Hilmersson and Director of Sales Patrik Andersson will highlight key features of the new equipment, including reduced noise and a compact footprint. The Aquajet team will also explain how this latest innovation can enhance environmental stewardship while lowering overall operating costs. 

Aquajet customers provided the inspiration for the new technology by sharing their challenges and successes. 

“Our customers really help us form a vision for new products that will revolutionize the industry,” Simonsson says. “Our focus is solving their most pressing problems. Simply tweaking the technology isn’t enough; we need to innovate to truly make a difference.” 

Be among the first to see Aquajet’s new technology. Register for the digital product launch at 

“We are so grateful for the amazing energy between customer and manufacturer that helps us all be successful,” Simonsson says. “We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been up to.”

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