Aquajet’s 410V Hydrodemolition Robot Increases Efficiency in Industrial Cleaning [...]

Published: 11/1, 2021

Aquajet’s 410V Hydrodemolition Robot Increases Efficiency in Industrial Cleaning Applications

Aquajet offers the Aqua Cutter 410V as a safer, more efficient alternative to manual industrial cleaning methods, such as hand lances. The model combines the compact size of the Aqua Cutter 410A and the innovative mast system of the Aqua Cutter 710V, for unrivaled versatility to work in tight spaces, including boilers, tanks, pipes, and other industrial containers and conduits. With a free-standing reach of up to 13.2 ft (4m), the 410V gives operators the ability to work horizontally, vertically or overhead, while remote operation keeps them out of harm’s way during hazardous cleaning applications. The 410V’s design makes it suitable for a wide variety of industrial cleaning tasks in oil, gas, petrochemical, refractory, nuclear and other industries where it can increase efficiency up to 80%.

The 2,756-lb (1,250kg) Aqua Cutter 410V uses 15,000-40,000-psi (1,034-2,758 bar) water jets and a range of attachments for efficient concrete removal or surface preparation. Contractors can adjust the robot’s stroke to control removal depth and vary the water pressure to match the application, increasing precision and efficiency over hand lances and other manual methods. This can significantly increase efficiency for applications such as tank and large-diameter pipe cleaning, reducing the time and personnel required while still producing high-quality results.

“Industrial cleaning applications require flexibility,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet managing director. “But with the models in the Aqua Cutter 410 series and Aquajet’s extensive range of attachments, contractors have the power and precision to tackle any application safely and still achieve unparalleled productivity. For example, we had a customer using a 410A that was able to reduce a routine pulp and paper scrubber cleaning from 30 hours to just five.”

The 410V also allows operation from a safe distance using the unit’s radio remote control, either wirelessly or with a hard wire. Contractors can remove the power control module from the tracked portion to reduce the crawler to one-third of its original size and create an even more compact robot. This provides the ability to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded pipes, while the module remains connected via a cord.

And, thanks to superior lance control and Aquajet’s Equal Distance System (EDS), the 410V easily removes concrete and other materials in corners that would be difficult to access with hand tools. Its small size and light footprint allow operators to use the unit in confined areas — including passing through narrow passages, such as doorframes or operating from scaffolding — while retaining full mobility.

The 410V features electric power and is compatible with Aquajet’s line of accessories, such as the Extension Kit LT and Rotolance 2500 LT, as well as spines and frames. Contractors can also choose the Aqua Cutter 410V Tunnel Kit, specifically designed for cleaning and surface preparation in applications in steel or concrete pipes and tunnels up to 10 ft (3m) in diameter. The kit uses a rotolance and features automatic detection and the ability to adjust the distance to the tunnel surface. This makes it very easy to operate in uneven tunnel shapes or oval tunnels.

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