Aquajet RECO Control System Increases Water Treatment Efficiency and Accountability

Published: 12/10, 2021

Aquajet maximizes efficiency in water treatment with the advanced RECO Control System, which allows for fully automated, continuous monitoring of both pH and turbidity, increasing productivity and opening up opportunities for better workforce utilization due to minimal operator oversight. The RECO Control System also provides easily shareable water quality documentation, allowing contractors to demonstrate accountability for operating in increasingly regulated environments.

The RECO is unique to Aquajet’s EcoClear and controls major functions of this innovative water treatment solution. The EcoClear is a compact, self-contained system capable of moving as much as 5,283 gallons (20 m3) per hour, through a series of treatment chambers that reduce pH from 13 to 7, and suspended solids from up to 20-40 mg particles/liter.

The RECO Control System employs optical turbidity sensors and pH probes as water moves through the self-contained unit. It provides real-time data such as total suspended solids values and overall flow through the machine. This information is easily viewed via the display screen on the EcoClear. Data can also be shared digitally with project stakeholders through the RECO system. Detailed daily reports offer insight into the cleanliness of the discharged water, including pH levels and the amount of water that was treated, providing proof of compliance to environmental regulations.

With the RECO system, contractors only need to set desired parameters for pH and ppm. After that, the system requires infrequent attention and occasional replacement of carbon dioxide, the agent used to reduce water pH. This frees up crew members to attend to other tasks around the jobsite, increasing productivity and streamlining labor. If water does not reach specified parameters during initial treatment, the RECO shuts down the EcoClear’s feed, preventing dirty water from escaping.

The water then starts to recirculate within the unit until it meets the preset values. Contractors can continue working some distance from the machine, confident no dirty water will escape into the environment. Treated water can also be recirculated through a Power Pack or high-pressure pump system for reuse by the hydrodemolition robot. Using this closed-loop setup, contractors can recycle up to 90% of the Hydrodemolition blast water for significant savings.

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