Aquajet Offers Super Lance System for Ultimate Concrete Removal Versatility

Published: 4/3

Aquajet’s Super Lance System increases the versatility of its line of Aqua Cutters by allowing for several configurations. The system includes multiple parts—elbows, lance extensions and different nozzle options—to give operators more control over the concrete removal depth and as many options as possible to achieve an ideal result. Each element of the Super Lance System serves an important purpose to help contractors problem solve. Elbows help operators navigate tricky obstacles while lance extensions can be stacked to create the correct length required for the application.

One exciting option for the system is the dual/triple nozzle head that is compatible with all lances and lance extensions, elbows and Rotolances. The dual and triple nozzle heads split the waterjet to impact the concrete at multiple points, allowing it to cover more surface area in each pass. This allows an operator who is working with a very powerful high-pressure pump, for example, to effectively execute a shallower removal of 1 to 2 in (25.4 to 50.8 mm). Without the dual/triple nozzle, a contractor with a 500-hp (373kW) horsepower pump would typically maximize speed and oscillation to avoid cutting too deeply. But this can compromise the quality of the result.

By diffusing the water jet, the operator can decrease the machine’s speed while retaining a shallow cut. When the Rotolance, Aquajet’s surface preparation tool, is configured with the dual and triple nozzle heads, it provides rotational hydrodemolition for effective shallow removals from 0.4 to 2 in (10 to 50 mm). The dual and triple nozzles feature Aquajet’s unique Laminar Flow Director (LFD) concept, making the setup as efficient as using two or three separate lances. When water flow changes direction or passes through diameter changes, it creates turbulence, making the water less effective. The LFD design avoids this by eliminating all forms of turbulence before water enters the nozzles. Dual and triple nozzle heads work with lances, lance extensions and Rotolances.

Another highlight of the Super Lance System is the cross-nozzle configuration option for all Rotolance models. The cross nozzle intersects two water jets at a certain depth, canceling each other out to achieve a very precise cut. It’s available with removal depths of 1-, 2-, and 4-in (30-, 60- and 100mm) as standard.

The Super Lance System is based on Aquajet’s standardized Aqua Cone that makes several configurations possible. It features unique elbows compatible with all hose adapters that can be stacked to go around obstacles as needed. It also offers nozzle types, lances, lance extensions, and the dual nozzle head and triple nozzle head to provide contractors with greater versatility.

The Super Lance System is compatible with Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles engineered for extreme durability. With an expected lifetime of 350 hours, Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles provide industry-leading longevity, cost savings and productivity to maximize efficiency on the toughest jobs.

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