Aquajet Offers Innovative Solutions For Hydropower Applications

Published: 27/6, 2022

Aquajet offers a lineup of cutting-edge Hydrodemolition equipment for concrete repair and restoration in hydropower applications. Paired with the highly versatile Aqua Spine, Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter 710V yydrodemolition robot increases productivity and safety for challenging concrete removal and surface preparation tasks on spillways, dam faces, intake structures, tunnels, gates, draft tubes, tailraces and locks. Robots can also be used for penstock cleaning and coating removal. Additionally, the company’s innovative Ecosilence 3.0 high-pressure pump, and EcoClear water treatment system round out the system in a compact footprint that meets environmental regulations.

Hydrodemolition is an impact-free concrete removal method that eliminates the risk of microfractures. This helps ensure stability of the overall structure — an important consideration in water management applications — and provides a sound foundation for concrete repairs. Hydrodemolition offers an automated solution that is faster and reduces labor. It’s up to 25 times faster than jackhammers and other handheld equipment, greatly increasing productivity for large-scale concrete removal projects. Using high-pressure water jets as powerful as 40,000 psi (2,758 bar), the Aqua Cutter 710V hydrodemolition robot blasts away layers of concrete, cleaning and descaling rebar in the process. The model, one of Aquajet’s largest, offers exceptional horizontal, vertical, and overhead reach — as high as 23 ft (7m). Aquajet’s unique cutting head and multi-axis 3D positioning systems allow for efficient removal on even the most challenging areas including corners and spaces that would be difficult to access with hand tools. An optional extension kit system further increases versatility and area of operation. The kit extends reach for vertical and side-to-side applications about 5-8 ft (1.5-2.5m) to help operators access hard-to-reach areas.

Additionally, contractors can use an Aqua Spine for concrete removal in areas that are inaccessible to Hydrodemolition robots. This multi-modular system features a single feed beam to ensure adaptability to different applications, and is ideally suited for hard-to-reach corners and curved surfaces where it can replace the use of manual labor. The modular system can be anchored to the concrete surface (e.g., floors, walls, or ceilings), and held in position with hydraulic platforms, cranes, and scaffolding for increased versatility. Adding or removing spine beam sections results in an infinitely adaptable support system.

To further improve operating efficiency, contactors can use the 710V and Aqua Spine with the company’s innovative EcoClear water treatment system. The compact, fully automated system treats the Hydrodemolition wastewater on-site and on-demand. It moves as much as 5,283 gallons (20 m3) per hour, through a series of treatment chambers that reduces pH to 7.5-8.5, and suspended solids to 20-40 mg/l. This allows for safe recycling and reuse during the process as well as safe release into sanitary sewers, storm drains or directly into the environment. The system can be set up in less than four hours and requires minimal oversight during operation for optimal crew utilization. It also allows for the reuse of blast water in the high-pressure pump as part of a closed-loop system. In this way, contractors can recycle the water, resulting in significant time and resource savings on remote or environmentally sensitive jobsites.

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