Aquajet Offers Increased Aftersales Services for North American Customers

Published: 23/11, 2020

Aquajet provides increased equipment inventory, enhanced parts availability and high-caliber aftersales service and support in North America. Through the parts warehouse in Monroe, Wash., combined with the service and demonstration facilities in St. Joseph, Mo., and Stanhope, N.J., Aquajet offers fast, reliable support for customers across North America, increasing productivity and shortening lead times.

Shared with Brokk Inc., the recently expanded Stanhope facility offers more space for increased equipment inventory. Additionally, the added space allows for on-site demonstrations, providing an ideal setting for customers to experience Aquajet’s versatile and innovative Hydrodemolition robots and choose models and attachments best suited to their needs. The Stanhope facility also offers select equipment servicing by appointment.

In addition, recent upgrades to the parts warehouse in Monroe enhance parts availability for Aquajet hydrodemolition robots and accessories. An ample inventory of parts ensures fast delivery – often overnight under normal circumstances. In addition to swift delivery, Aquajet provides experienced technicians available by phone to help customers quickly identify issues, recommend required parts and process the order over the phone. This direct service significantly reduces downtime.

The demonstration and service center in St. Joseph houses a complete service complex with a wash bay, workshop and welding station. A staff of full-time technicians provides the best possible solutions, reducing lead times on services from troubleshooting and routine maintenance to repairs and refurbishment. The service team welcomes customer mechanics to assist in repair or refurbishment of their equipment, allowing them the opportunity to learn more about the care and maintenance of their machines. Replacement parts are backed by a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. The facility also offers space for equipment demonstrations and training opportunities.

Aquajet representatives are located throughout the U.S. and Canada and can quickly travel to a work facility or jobsite for training, which is included with the sale of each machine. Trainers guide the whole team through safety practices, operation and service of the equipment. Upon successful completion of training, operators receive an operator license. Aquajet representatives also travel to jobsites for troubleshooting assistance.

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