Allu Invests in the Future With Formation of New R&D Company

Published: 23/11, 2020

ALLU Group has formed a new company to develop new equipment, products and solutions through the use of the latest innovative technology. To be known as Allu Innovation and Research Center, the company will operate as a separate entity alongside the other ALLU Group companies, but independent to the existing Allu manufacturing, production, and general operational structure.

Allu Innovation and Research Center will form the cornerstone of Allu’s ongoing R&D program, providing cutting-edge solutions aimed to make customers more efficient, productive, environmentally friendly, and profitable. Following successful testing and fine tuning, new innovations will be incorporated into Allu products and introduced to market.

The new company will be headed by Markku Jonninen, ALLU Group founder and chairman of the board, who has many years of success in developing and introducing attachment solutions.

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