ALLU Introduces New TS® Blade Structure

Published: 5/5, 2020

The patented unique ALLU TS® blade structure has been developed to improve the productivity at different kinds of jobsites. TS® blades are a modern development for the attachment screener/crusher market, with ALLU set to deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity. At the core of the TS drum construction is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs, and different fragment sizes can be achieved simply by repositioning the combs. As the screening combs carry most of the material weight, the drums and bearings experience less impact and load, with the design of the assembly ensuring the machine works well in wet and dry materials without clogging.

TS drums are available with standard blades for screening applications and axe blades when a crushing or shredding effect is required. The blade assembly enables three different fragment sizes from same unit. Fragment size estimation is based on screening comb distance, with it being quick and easy to change from one screening job to another, providing more versatile processing. The blades’ self-cleaning design allows the best possible capacity even with wet materials.

With doubling and tripling options, ALLU now has the widest range of blade variations on the market. By changing from a single blade setup to one that is doubled or tripled blade, the estimated fragment size can be changed from single to double or triple. This means that one ALLU Transformer can produce three fragment sizes.

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