Allu Expands into Rental Machinery

Published: 9/12, 2019

Allu Finland, manufacturer of Allu construction products for more than 30 years, recently expanded its operations in the rental machinery market in its home market of Finland. This has been done in order to provide Finnish customers with the opportunity to rent a Transformer on a short-term basis, thereby benefitting from the unique attributes of the Allu attachments.

Allu has previous experience in the rental equipment business in Germany, where the company has a directly owned subsidiary. In Germany, the rental business has been in operation for many years and has proven to be a viable concept among German contractors, where rental, prior to purchase, is often regularly pursued. “We wanted to provide our customers with a flexible and risk free way to get an Allu product for a short period of time,” explains Marjut Lindroos, Allu’s global marketing manager, concerning the move into equipment rental. 

Rental operations allow users to familiarize themsevles with the equipment before making a purchase decision. This also gives them an opportunity to redeem the product at the end of the rental period, thereby enabling the customer to take a risk-free test of the product and its various functions.

Lindroos adds Allu can adapt its rental equipment to a variety of user needs. “We can change the sharpening according to the customer’s wishes and the mounts are also fitted according to the basic machine,” he says. “We can also make demonstrations for rental attachments on the customer's site, transforming their specific material.”

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