Published: 13/7, 2018


There’s not much contractors can do to accelerate the transition from winter to spring; that’s Mother Nature’s job. But thanks to breakers, they can do something about turning old concrete into rubble for disposal, recycling, and other uses regardless of what the calendar says. Likewise, breaker manufacturers know that even the best products can always be enhanced or adapted to meet new needs or integrate new technologies. 

So, whether you’re ready to get to work, or still waiting for those last piles of snow and ice to melt away, now is an ideal time to take a look at the latest in demolition breakers and associated equipment.

Meet JCB’s Contractor and Professional Breaker Series 
JCB Attachments offers two ranges of hydraulic breakers designed to work with its excavators, backhoe loaders and compact machinery lines. 

Contractor hydraulic hammers have been specifically designed for all brands of excavators and tool carriers. The range now includes 14 models, from the compact HM012T that tips the scales at just 264.5 lb (120kg) operating weight to suit mini and micro excavators, through to the 3.8t HM380T, designed to work with 40t to 60t excavators. HM033T and above Contractor breakers have accumulators to protect the carrier machine from hydraulic pressure spikes, reducing possible wear and tear on the hydraulic system. 

Hammers for use with equipment above an 8t operating weight come as standard with a refillable auto greasing system, ensuring the breaker always receives the correct amount of lubrication throughout the working day. This cuts downtime and boosts productivity. 

Twin oval tool retaining pins are included on heavier models, delivering double the life of a standard pin, as they can be rotated to wear on both sides. Smaller breakers are equipped with a single tool retainer. Two-speed control valves allow the operator to customize tool speed and stroke length, depending on the material that is being broken. This increases productivity and reduces the risk of damage to the breaker and the carrier.

Internal control valves deliver higher efficiency against competitive products with external valves. This includes reduced maintenance as the oil flow is improved, reducing heat buildup in the system and protecting internal seals. Heavier models also feature blank firing protection, further cutting the potential for damage to the breaker and wear to the carrier machine.

Contractor breakers use a single scaled design with the same maintenance requirements for each model. This ensures that dealer and customer service staff, particularly in a rental operation, can easily work on all hammers in the range.

JCB Professional breaker range has been designed and built to work in specialist dedicated breaking applications. They are supplied “ready to go” with hoses, hangar bracket, moil, and chisel tools. Their solid body design provides maximum strength with lower weight and the low maintenance accumulator helps reduce maintenance costs.

Exact match of tool and piston diameter maximizes blow energy transfer and energy not absorbed by the material being broken is used to lift the tool which pressurizes the accumulator ready for the next blow. Reusing this energy increases impact force and reduces running costs. All JCB breakers are silenced as standard to reduce noise pollution. Compatibility is guaranteed and the full hydraulic hammer range is backed by JCB’s global service network.

Epiroc SB hydraulic breakers feature industry-first integrated water port for dust suppression
Epiroc’s premium SB series hydraulic breaker attachments are the industry’s only breakers to come standard with an internal water port for dust suppression, a feature that can assist in compliance with new silica rule dust regulations. 

With an integrated water channel, operators can spray water at the source of dust creation to keep dust levels down. This improves the working environment, enhances visibility, and prevents dust from seeping into the bushings. SB breakers are also designed to protect operators and equipment by reducing noise and vibration. 

Designed for 0.7t to 24t carriers, SB series breakers combine superior efficiency and performance with high durability in a compact design. The range includes models to match any micro or mini excavator, backhoe, skid steer loader or demolition robot with service weights ranging from 120 lb (54kg) for the SB 52, to 2,350 lb (1,066kg) for the SB 1102. 

Epiroc’s EnergyRecovery technology absorbs recoil energy, mitigating anvil effect and increasing overall performance. The result is higher impact rate from the same hydraulic input with less vibration. The slim, compact design makes SB breakers easier to handle and improves operator visibility. 

All SB breakers come prepared for compressed air supplies. No modification or additional installations are required. The multifunctional design of the well-protected connection ports assures trouble-free operation, ease-of-service, and quick access. Side-positioned ports reduce risk to hoses and provide easy access for connecting compressor, water connection or ContiLube™ II micro lubrication supply lines or for monitoring operating pressure. 

No special tools or adaptor fittings are required for servicing SB series breakers. The SB SolidBody concept utilizes a patented internal, integrated component design integrating the impact mechanism and the guide system into a single piece. This eliminates the weakest components of traditional breakers: damping and guiding elements, tie rods, parting lines and stud bolts. 

The accumulator is cast into the body, further reducing the number of breaker parts and overall weight and maintenance. Gas pressure can be checked and adjusted in a matter of minutes. The supported diaphragm reduces strain and distortion, improving load distribution and service life. Dual tool retainer pins optimize tool load distribution, require less grinding and protect against accidental damage to the tool and breaker. 

Other standard features of SB breakers include integrated pressure relief valve for overload protection, Auto Start, air inlet for underwater applications, oil drainage plug, dust wiper, slip fit bushing, and dual tool retainer bars for better support.

Epiroc ContiLube™ II or ContiLube™ II micro now available for SB series 
Many of Epiroc’s rig mounted SB series heavy hydraulic breakers now feature the patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS). Seamlessly combining Epiroc’s popular AutoControl and StartSelect functions, this fully automated system provides simpler, more efficient, and more economical operation than ever before. 

AutoControl optimizes breaker performance by automatically adjusting the piston stroke length. The StartSelect system offers manual switching between two modes: the AutoStart mode enables easy positioning at the beginning of the breaking cycle, and in the AutoStop mode the breaker stops automatically to avoid blank firing at the end of the breaking cycle.

IPS permits more accurate and significantly faster positioning of the breaker, thanks to the centering effect, and avoids blank firing that often results in tool damage. This also eliminates mechanical strain on the carrier and the life of all wear components is extended. The physical load on the operator is minimized as well.

The Start of Something Big for Mantovanibenne
This is going to be a very special year for the MBI Group due to the double anniversary that will be celebrated during INTERMAT in Paris—the 55th foundation anniversary of Mantovanibenne, flagship of the MBI Group, and the 20th of MBI France, the organization’s French affiliate. 

The common theme alongside the MBI Group history is the desire for innovation and continuous improvement. Since the 1970s, Mantovanibenne has always tried to bring something new in the market of attachments, such as clamshell buckets or orange peel grabs. The decisive step in the Group history the 1991 launch of an entire line of demolition attachments, something almost unknown within Europe at that time. Today, as much as in the past, the intention to contribute to the evolution of working practices pushes the company to develop new ideas and transform them into reality to satisfy the always-changing market needs. 

At INTERMAT, the spotlight will be on the new CC60R demolition cracker, an attachment that is destined to influence the future demolition techniques, especially in the demolition of large infrastructures, where the external concrete structure incorporates a resilient metallic frame. This new 6.5t combines the typical physiognomy of a concrete crusher with some features of scrap shears, making the tool ideal for the demolition of concrete structures, heavily reinforced with steel bars or buildings with a steel frame. For example, the CC60R is very effective in the demolition of bridges and other infrastructures where a metallic skeleton is present and protected with a concrete coating. 

The structure of the CC60R is asymmetrical, as its body is designed to host two different jaws. On one side, there is a single jaw equipped with an interchangeable tooth and a shaped cutter. This shape grants maximum penetration of concrete and precise cutting of metal, while interchangeable blades and tooth enable fast and easy maintenance. On the other side there is a double jaw with two interchangeable teeth. This double jaw has a very specific design that allows an effective action on concrete and the oblique positioning of metal parts to be cut. In addition, a guide on the main frame keeps the jaws in perfect alignment to ensure maximum crushing and cutting power over the long term. 

The MBI CC60R, is totally different from other “combi cutters” available in the market, as it’s the only one with a double central pin system. This design creates a better geometry between the two cylinders and the jaws, increasing the force of the tool and enabling the delivery of higher crushing force, even at maximum jaw opening. 

During INTERMAT, other innovations are going to be presented; some of them regarding established MBI products that have been further improved to elevate quality standards in the market. For instance, the RP-IT line, a global benchmark for rotating pulverizers, sees its efficacy and durability features enhanced thanks to cast interchangeable parts. The MS line, instead, has been improved with a new design that augment the efficacy and includes interchangeable parts to facilitate maintenance. 

In addition, some new smaller models have been added to the line as a consequence of the raising demand for small tools for mini excavators and high-reach applications. The SGR line, given the wider and wider range of applications found, has a new oleodynamic system that ensures the highest level of efficiency and reliability in each context. 

Given the very positive results of 2017, the product innovations ready for the market and the several ones still in development, the MBI Group expects a great 2018, as a right celebration of the successful MBI history.

Hilti’s TE 2000-AVR demolition hammer delivers power and performance without the weight
The newest addition to Hilti’s breaker portfolio, the highly versatile TE 2000-AVR is designed with maneuverability in mind. Its low weight makes it easy to handle, yet doesn’t cut corners on tool performance. 

The TE 2000-AVR is the perfect blend of both power, ergonomics, and weight. At 26 lbf (35.2N) of impact energy, and 1,800 impacts per minute, the TE 2000-AVR boasts double the performance compared to tools in the same 27-42 lb (12-19 kg) weight class, and similar performance to competitor tools in the 65 lb (29kg) weight class. Weighing in at 33 lb (15kg), it is easy to maneuver and transport throughout the jobsite, and ready for use in minutes. And with a t-handle design and exceptionally low vibration from Hilti’s innovative sub-chassis Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system, it allows for efficient performance and maximum working comfort. 

The TE 2000-AVR utilizes a brushless SR motor that eliminates the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. And the detachable power cord allows for quick replacement of broken or damaged cords right on the jobsite. Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios for the TE 2000-AVR. Whether running the tool from a wall outlet or a 100-ft (30.5m), 12-gage extension cord, the performance will remain consistent. 

The perfect match—Hilti’s TE-SPX SM pointed chisel
Specifically designed for use with the TE 2000-AVR, the new TE-SPX SM pointed, self-sharpening, chisel features an innovative X-polygon wave design and tube effect that maximizes Hilti demolition hammer performance, reduces downtime due to sticking or jammed chisels, and provides optimized dust removal. With TE SPX pointed chisels there is no more re-sharpening, jamming or sticking like conventional chisels. The TE SPX is made from high-alloy steel and a unique induction hardening process for the highest reliability and reduced risk of chisel breakage.

Caterpillar’s new B4, B4s, B6 and B6s hammers 
Cat® B-Series hydraulic hammers, available in both silenced and non-silenced versions, are designed for “plug-and-play” operation with a range of compact equipment while also delivering optimum life-cycle value. The new hammers are suited for skid steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, compact track loaders, 3t to 8t mini-hydraulic excavators, and backhoe loaders working in a range of construction and light-demolition applications, including site prep, landscaping, masonry, and concrete breaking. 

The B-Series hammers use a simple, reliable, industry-standard modular design with two moving parts in the piston and valve, ensuring reliability, versatility, ease-of-use and maintenance. Flat-top mounting enables a compact working envelope and compatibility with a full complement of brackets to suit preference of coupler, linkage kinematics, or machine size. As a package solution, the matching Caterpillar-designed hydraulic kits are also offered and the best fit for Cat machines, providing customers a breaker package with superior design and benefits.

Bushings are field-replaceable, and the lower bushing can be rotated 90 degrees for improved wear performance. Housings are designed to facilitate common maintenance items. Grease fitting and gas pressure check points are easily accessible, even when the hammer is mounted on the machine.

Tool types for the new hammers include moil, cone, parallel and transverse chisel, and blunt, allowing the hammer to be adapted to an extensive range of applications. 

Technical specifications
Model    B4    B4s    B6    B6s
Operating weight (lb/kg)    350/159    357/162    571/259    610/277
Energy class (lbf/N)    273/370    273/370    502/680    502/680
Blows per minute    600-1,100    600-1,100    500-900    500-900

News from Arden Equipment 
Arden Equipment announces the arrival of three new breakers: the AB082, which can adapt to excavators from 0.5t to 2t; the AB5052 for excavators from 45t to 80t, and the AB 6052 for excavators from 60t to 100t.

Arden’s breakers are designed to meet all challenges on small and big jobsites. The valve system directly integrated within a soundproof abrasion?resistant steel container, allows greater efficiency. This cost-effective maintenance system makes it possible to change the hammer points faster, increase performance on jobsites.

Arden Equipment has also improved its range of current couplers to increase safety. The UA 72H (36t to 53t) offers a patented, ISO 13031-compliant mechanical safety ratchet system to prevent accidental unlocking of the equipment. In addition, a new series of 2t to 36t couplers (UA13 to UA63) likewise brings safety to a new level. In addition to the cylinder and the safety valve, this new series brings two compression springs for and an axle locking pallet at the front hooks for double security. The new UA72H and UA 3 couplers are still equipped with the V-shaped hooks allowing them to be
operated on buckets with different pin sizes.

Arden has also introduced the Arden Tilt, which incorporates the technology of a tilting system allows tilting of tools up to 180°. It is compatible with the Quick Arden coupler (QA) and the Uni Arden coupler (UA). The rotating system is a simple mechanism made of a central shaft and a ring?shaped piston. The
technology uses moving splines, making it possible to convert the movement of the piston into a
rotational movement that allows the shaft to tilt. Contractors can increase the versatility of excavators and backhoe loaders while ensuring tilting of any buckets or any other attachments.

Doppstadt’s INVENTHOR Type 9 shredder 
Doppstadt’s INVENTHOR Type 9 shredder is a new high-performance machine that is setting new market benchmarks when it comes to quality and performance. By bringing together the most innovative mechanical developments, innovative control and regulation systems, and a new noise emissions concept, Doppstadt has created an environmentally friendly cost-effective one-stop solution for the recycling sector. Thanks to its modular service-oriented construction and range of suspension variants, this machine is equally suited to use as a stationary fixture or in the service industry sector.

Everything, from the drive to the housing and the quick-change tools has been designed with an eye to the future. The new VarioDirect Drive demonstrates its quality right from the start. It handles even the toughest shredding tasks without any loss of performance, giving it scope for future development and job-specific programs. From shut-down to running at maximum power, the shredding roller gets to work immediately, even under a full load. 

One of Doppstadt’s highest priorities is to reduce exhaust and noise emissions. The INVENTHOR Type 9 meets the Euromot Stage IIIA and IV exhaust emission requirements and will also meet Stage V, when updated. It also performs all its tasks with very little noise. This shredder also features a new range of solutions when it comes to accessibility. The shredding comb provides generous access to the shredding space, meaning tools can be exchanged quickly and ergonomically. Large new glass fiber doors make daily maintenance tasks easier.

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