Air Filtration News from Husqvarna

Published: 13/7, 2018

Air Filtration News from Husqvarna

Using an air scrubber is a great idea to further clean air in enclosed areas, and it is easy to use. Just plug it in, turn it on and it’s ready to clean the air. When used in addition to a dust suppression system, it helps ensure your work space is well protected against airborne dust particles.  

Husqvarna’s A-line features two of the most advanced and versatile portable air scrubbers available on the market. They are tested and certified for use as both Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines, making them the ideal complement to dust and slurry management equipment as well as other applications where air quality is essential. 

The A 600 and A 1200 are equipped with an efficient filter system and provide superior air quality – no matter if dealing with concrete dust, fine sanding dust or gypsum dust. The number of air cleaners needed for a particular job site should be calculated so that the entire air volume on the worksite is filtered at least six to eight times/hour. 

Both models feature two-stage air filtration. A pre-filter made of pleated polyester catches the larger dust fractions before the air enters the individually tested HEPA filter, ensuring 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Located inside a lightweight cabinet with sturdy aluminum frame and metal locking casters, the filter area is protected by a metal mesh.

The Husqvarna S-line (S 13, S 26 and S 36) consists of professional dust extractors designed to meet strict demands. These compact, lightweight machines are equipped with one, two or three powerful single-phase electric motors with separate cooling, capable of running continuously all workday. This makes them suitable for all construction, abatement and restoration jobs, as well as for use with electric power tool. 

A dust extractor is a great substitute for a cube vac, as jet pulse cleaning of the conical main filter ensures dust is continuously collected throughout a full work day. A Longopac® collecting bag enables the machine to be empties quickly and simply; the bags are completely sealed and mean the operator never comes into contact with the dust. Individually tested and certified HEPA filters ensure superior and safe dust collection, even on fine sanding and gypsum dust. 

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