AED Praises “American Jobs Plan”

Published: 31/5, 2021

Associated Equipment Distributors’ (AED) President & CEO Brian P. McGuire  commended President Biden for the American Jobs Plan, an infrastructure package framework released March 31. McGuire called the proposal “a bold plan to rebuild the nation’s physical infrastructure, including investments in roads, bridges, highways, broadband, ports, water systems and other projects.”

McGuire noted that the nation’s infrastructure has suffered from many years of underfunding.

“The time is long overdue for the federal government to provide the investments needed to restore the nation’s infrastructure to the envy of the world,” he said. “There is no better way to put the United States on the path to long-term economic growth and job creation than investments in transportation, water, telecommunications and energy infrastructure.”


Key components of the American Jobs Plan include:

•     $621 billion for transportation, including         roads, bridges, transit, ports and airports as         well as electrifying vehicles.

•     $111 billion to upgrade drinking and waste        water infrastructure.

•     $100 billion for high-speed broadband         infrastructure.

•     $100 billion to upgrade the U.S. power         infrastructure.

•     $213 billion to “produce, preserve, and retro-        fit affordable and sustainable places to live.”

•     $137 billion for physical upgrades to public         schools, community colleges, child-care         facilities, VA hospitals and federal buildings.

•     $300 billion to invest in U.S. manufacturing         and strengthen critical supply chains.

•     $100 billion for workforce development and         jobs training programs.

•     $400 billion for “expanding access to quality,         affordable home- or community-based care         for aging relatives and people with 



The administration is proposing to pay-for the American Jobs Plan through a variety of tax changes targeted to corporations, including increasing the corporate rate to 28 percent; creating a 15 percent minimum tax on the income corporations use to report their profits to investors (book income); eliminating tax preferences for the fossil fuel industry; greater tax liability on U.S. multinational corporations; and more robust IRS tax enforcement. Ultimately, it will be up to lawmakers in Congress to draft legislation and settle on funding mechanisms. Nevertheless, McGuire urged Congress to “proceed expeditiously and in a bipartisan manner” on the proposal.

“AED looks forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to enact much-needed infrastructure investments, and to identify responsible ways to pay for the proposal without sacrificing America’s productivity and international competitiveness,” he said.

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