A New Reality

Published: 5/5, 2020

To say a lot has changed in the past month would be a gross understatement. We find ourselves in a new reality.  We are seeing and experiencing things that we have not seen in our lifetimes – and I hope never experience again. Although we are facing an unprecedented time, we have seen many members of the demolition community participate in heroic acts on behalf of their families, employees, companies, costumers and the industry. Nobody should feel that they have to navigate this pandemic alone, and through the NDA, it is our hope no demolition professional will. We will get through this together.

NDA is committed to helping members respond to the ever-changing regulatory environment so they can support their families, employees, customers and communities. The association has provided resources to keep crews safe on the jobsite, as well as information about best practices and regulatory changes.

Regardless of whether you are a member or not—we want to offer all of the resources NDA has compiled to assist companies as they navigate COVID-19. You can find all of our thoughtfully curated information at a special page of www.demolitionassociation.com; The information is updated daily. We had more than 1,400 individual visits to the page since its launch the first week of March.

I also want to apprise you of what NDA has been doing in advocacy. We have sent numerous letters to the administration, Congress, and Federal Agencies to advocate on behalf of the industry to ensure your company can continue to operate and secure the funding necessary to weather the storm. We are proud to advocate on behalf the demolition industry.

I also want to point out other online resources to assist you in winning work. Members can browse federal procurement opportunities to bid at our online portal. In addition, the NDA Library enables access to templates, whitepapers and leading practices. Whitepaper topics include residential demolition challenges, hand demolition and dismantling techniques, bridge demolition, façade shoring, selective dismantlement of smokestacks, and demolition challenges in an urban setting. All of these resources a designed to help you win work and improve your bottom-line. 

Finally, check out our latest edition of Demolition Now, NDA’s podcast available in iTunes and Stitcher. In this month’s episode, we review surveys results conducted by NDA that quantify the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. Later in the episode, we speak with Stefan Moss, who leads the National Demolition and Heavy Construction Practice at Gallagher Insurance, on the steps to minimize business risk and changes in the insurance industry related to COVID-19.

I encourage you to join our community of professionals, we are currently offering a bonus three months of membership to all new companies joining the association for the 2020-2021 membership year. I hope you consider this great opportunity to gain access to member benefits.

Visit the NDA website to join today. As a member you will have access to our High Reach Document, NDA Safety Manual, Membership Directory, Safety Talks, special discounts, and much, much more!

 We look forward to coming out on the other side with of this pandemic, stronger and more determined than ever to meet the needs of our customers and the communities we serve.


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