A Busy Weekend for Three Indeco Hammers

Published: 11/1, 2021

The 100-mile (160-km) Princes Highway is a primary connector for Melbourne’s western and eastern suburbs and is used daily by commuters, families, public, and freight vehicles. One of its key junctions is Duncan Road junction, with a 61-year-old bridge that handles approximately 11,000 vehicles each day.

To improve traffic flow and road safety, the State of Victoria authorized an upgrade of the Duncan Road junction that included demolition of the old bridge and the construction of a new four-lane structure. The project also included new entrance and exit ramps, and cycle and pedestrian paths to ensure safer crossings on Duncan Road.

To minimize traffic disruption, the old bridge had to be demolished in just June weekend. The limited time was no issue for demolition contractor City Circle Demolition, which used an Indeco HP 5000 and two HP 7000 hammers to quickly and safely reduce the bridge to manageable rubble. The hammers also made quick work of the support pillars’ safety barriers of the pillars, which were built using high MPA concrete with extra steel reinforcements to withstand the impact of a 70t truck traveling at 60 mph (100 kph).

By the following Monday, the old bridge was just a memory, proving once again that Indeco hammers are reliable partners wherever there is demolition work to be carried out.


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